Belinda Hughes.

by Australian skin expert and Burt’s Bees advocate Belinda Hughes

As a result of the significant lifestyle changes made in the wake of this global pandemic, our beauty standards have changed overnight. Beauty routines now look different – with the combination of working from home and limited in-person interaction meaning minimal, or even no make-up, looks have become the new norm. Alongside this, we have had more opportunities to indulge in #selfcare, focusing more on how to keep our skin fresh, healthy, and hydrated.

With these changes in mind, esprit caught up with professional beauty therapist and natural skincare expert, Belinda Hughes, to talk about how the pandemic is redefining the industry and how we can adapt to this new normal.

The Rise of Clean Beauty

Already trending in the industry pre-pandemic, clean beauty is set to become increasingly popular as we return to normal. Simply put, clean beauty refers to products that are safe for both people and the planet, with an emphasis on non-toxic and plant-based ingredients as well as transparency in the sourcing and manufacturing of products. Whilst ‘non-toxic’ is often defined differently, ‘non-toxic products’ tend to refer to those formulated without phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and other potentially harmful chemicals. Instead, they rely on naturally derived ingredients, such as plant-based butters or oils, that your skin can easily recognise and utilise.


With isolation upon us, we saw many people turn to skincare masks as a, very necessary, means for self-care. However, it can be easy to overdo it with skincare masks, which might cause skin to become even more inflamed.  If there are real issues with your skin, try a mask once a week. If you’re congested or oily, you could do a clay mask up to three times a week. And if you’re really dry or flaky, you could use a cream or sleep mask up to three times a week as well. It’s also important not to stray too far towards DIY and try some at-home masks using ingredients from your kitchen. It’s better to use something that works and is professionally made, as there is a difference between food-grade ingredients and cosmetic-grade ingredients. Just because a cosmetic contains honey or a natural ingredient, it’s not the same as pulling it off your kitchen bench and putting it on your face.

Belinda recommendsBurt’s Bees selection of liquid facial masks. These combine a blend of plant-based, superfood ingredients, including Charcoal, Acai, Kakadu Plum, Beetroot and Avocado, to help cleanse and purify the skin.

Golden Glow – Natural Skin & Minimal Makeup

We’ve already noted that beauty routines now look different – with the combination of working from home and limited in-person interaction meaning we’ve adapted back to basics. We’re all going back to basic now and looking less at professional, heavy make-up and more at good healthy skin. With this transition back to basics, people are realising that the secret to good skin is simply good skin. Keeping a healthy lifestyle incorporating diet, exercise, natural supplementation, and hydration and looking beyond just the external appearance but also at our inner health is becoming more of the norm.

With this focus, it can be helpful to start looking at a three-step routine of cleanser, moisturiser and serum. Start first at your skin type, before then selecting products that will produce the best results for you.

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