Alex Fuchs, director of Fuchs Hair and Batiste ambassador, shares his top tips and tricks with esprit to make that ‘fresh from the salon’ feeling last at home.

  • Use a hair mask and leave-in treatment

Since a lot of us are spending more time at home, there really is no excuse to not use a hair mask. We’ve all heard of face masks to treat our skin, but a lot of forget about treating our hair – this is where an at-home hair mask will do the trick. Using a hair mask once a week for 10-15 minutes really penetrates through the hair structure and repair from the within the hair shaft. The longer you leave it in, the deeper the product will work through the hair and nourish from within. A lot of people think this is what a hair conditioner does, but, in fact, conditioners only work on the outer layer of your hair, which is why I highly encourage everyone to use a hair mask when they can. This will help you get that fresh salon feeling!

I recommend looking for products with ingredients like Argan oil, such as the Intensive Spa Mask by La Biosthetique. With a hair mask, all you’ll need to do is wash your hair twice and towel dry your hair so your hair no longer drips. Remember when drying your hair with a towel, avoid the ‘scrubbing’ technique where you’re going back and forth with your hands. This is what contributes to frizzy and tangled hair! Simply squeeze and press your hair with the towel and let the rest air dry until it is damp, before applying your hair mask. One your rinse out your hair mask, use a leave-in treatment to seal in all the goodness! The one I like to use is the Hydrating Spa Fluid by La Biosthetique.
  • DIY fresh blowout

Create the fresh blowout feel at home by using a round brush, just like they do in salons. A round brush can help create the body and volume a lot of us desire, but just remember to be patient when trying out this technique! It will take some practice to rotate the brush, blowdry and style simultaneously. Start by sectioning off your hair and as you go through each piece, use a hair clip to pin it up and work your way through. For those with curly hair, it’s highly recommended to use a diffuser, which is specifically designed for textured curls.

Finish off your DIY blowdry and styling with a hydrating product, such as the Batiste Dry Shampoo & Hydrate. Not only will this give you that extra ‘oomph’ and volume, but it will also help to hydrate your hair as it contains avocado that works as a nourishing moisturiser. This product also works wonders if you’ve just stepped out from the salon and want to maintain your fresh blowout and retain that clean feeling!
  • Maintain the vibrancy of your hair colour

Not all of us can maintain regular colour touch-ups at the salon, but luckily there are some easy ways to refresh your hair colour in an instant, or at least conceal any regrowth you might have.

If you need to extend the period between salon visits, I suggest using the Hint of Colour range by Batiste to minimise any regrowth in an instant or to simply maintain the vibrancy of your hair colour. The tinted formula, which comes in Blonde, Brunette, or Dark, will be your best friend as it works to blend seamlessly into your hair to help hide faded hair colours until your next hair appointment.

Another simple way to hide your regrowth is by changing your part. A really strong side part can work really well at disguising any regrowth as it’s usually less obvious. Zig zag sectioning can also really as it can distract from your hairline. While you’re waiting for your next colour touch-up, wear your hair down to help disguise regrowth. Having your hair up can sometimes mean the regrowth is mostly distributed in one area making it more obvious.

My last tip is to use hair care products that will help prolong the colour of your hair. Look out for products that contain a UV filter as this will help to prevent hair colour from fading. The sun, especially in Australia, can be damaging, causing our hair colour to fade and our hair generally drier. This is why you might find that your hair colour fades more in the summer! Always use a heat protectant before styling, and I would also recommend using something like Batiste Dry Shampoo & Colour Protect, which contains a UV filter to help colour from fading. As it’s also a dry shampoo, it can maintain the clean feeling and prevent your hair from getting too greasy. The greasier your hair looks, the more obvious your faded highlights, regrowth or greys will be!

  • Scalp massages

Who doesn’t love the head massages you get when you’re at the hair salon getting your hair washed? Not only are they relaxing but those massages actually stimulate a circulation boost to help reinvigorate and promote a healthy scalp! Looking after your scalp is the number one rule to maintaining healthy hair and reducing hair loss. Take the time to give yourself a scalp massage and every now and then – you’ll love yourself for it after a long day.

Alex Fuchs, director of Fuchs Hair and Batiste ambassador.

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