After weeks of overindulgence during the festive season, no doubt you have a number of customers coming in desperate for a quick skin fix.

But ‘fixing’ their complexion requires much more than a heavy-duty concealer – good skin requires a long-term commitment.

January is the perfect time for your customers to make new skincare resolutions, which is why we chatted to Ultraceuticals’ global education director, Elizabeth Fardon, who has shared her tips to setting successful skin goals.

She stressed the importance of digging deeper and asking important questions to see what other factors are influencing a person’s skin, as well as ensuring customers are aware consistency is key when it comes to good skin.

Elizabeth’s key tips are listed below.

  1. Set realistic goals – are your customers comparing themselves to a celebrity or airbrushed model? Don’t let them fall into the trap of comparing their skin to a flawless image online because it is hugely unrealistic.  
  2. Lifestyle changes – ask questions about their lifestyle. Could dairy be triggering the customer’s hormonal acne? Are they being sun safe and avoiding tanning to minimise hyperpigmentation? Do they smoke? Are they getting enough sleep, eating a well-balanced diet and drinking plenty of water to help skin maintain a firm and healthy complexion? Skin goals shouldn’t stop at just topical solutions.
  3. Source a reputable skin clinician – if you’re not a skin professional, ensure your customer is seeing a professional beauty therapist for a thorough skin analysis.
  4. Invest in quality products – does your customer have a skin clinician who is recommending some reputable brands that are best for their skin concern? Keep in mind that most brands are designed to work together, so cherry-picking from different brands and using them together may not be an effective approach and can even cause skin reactions.
  5. Commit to a homecare regime – be sure to stress to a customer that 80 percent of their skin’s progress is through using homecare daily and 20 percent is from in-clinic treatments. Just like the gym, skin requires a consistent skin regime with professionally prescribed products to help get the results required. Consistency is key to gaining traction with skin goals.
  6. Patience – remind your customer to be patient with their skin journey and most of all be kind to themselves. Accept what cannot be changed and remember, happiness will always be the best medicine of all.

Make 2020 the year of great skin for all of your customers and they will remain loyal throughout the year and beyond.

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