évolis is scientifically proven to reduce hair thinning and improve hair health

Cellmid‘s wholly-owned subsidiary, Advangen, the makers of évolis Professional anti-ageing haircare products, has signed a trading agreement with API Services Australia…that’s Priceline Pharmacy.

This agreement underpins an important component in the Australian operations: signing the agreement is in line with Cellmid’s strategic plan released in February 2019 targeting an Australian national retail partnership to maximise the market potential for the company’s anti-ageing haircare products.  

évolis Promote range. Also available in Reverse and Prevent ranges

Cellmid confirms guidance that it is on track to reach operational profitability in the consumer health business in FY2020.

This is a national trading agreement to range évolis Professional anti-ageing haircare products in approximately 400 Priceline Pharmacy stores around Australia. The products are expected to be available in stores from November 2019.   

What will this look like in retail terms?

It is expected to deliver exclusive offers and unique hair health advisory services to Priceline Pharmacy customers. In-store sales of évolis will be supported by the company through an extensive education program about hair-ageing, the hair cycle and anti-ageing haircare. évolis brings a differentiated, highly credible education piece with its products; the result of the company’s biotechnology origins and ongoing scientific research into hair biology.

Priceline Pharmacy is the leading health & beauty retailer in Australia, with a national footprint of over 480 stores (Priceline and Priceline Pharmacy) and a large and loyal community of beauty enthusiasts in its Sister Club. With its focus on providing customers with beauty advice, trends and service, Priceline is a perfect partner for évolis.

Supporting the retail partnership with Priceline Pharmacy, the national team of évolis educators, as well as traditional promotional and digital marketing campaigns, which are expected to underpin the long-term growth of consumer health sales in Australia in line with Cellmid’s strategic plan.

Cellmid CEO, Maria Halasz says: “We are thrilled to partner with the Priceline team, who excel in knowing their customers, and are dedicated to providing outstanding retail value and unique service to them.   

Susie Bearzi – Priceline Pharmacy’s National Head of Buying

“We are of course delighted to be partnering with the amazing team at Priceline Pharmacy, including the talented National Head of Beauty, Susie Bearzi. This has been a long road, as new brands, like évolis, have a lot of competition. To stand out, we had to demonstrate unique selling points, such as évolis being plant based, clean from harsh chemicals and, most importantly, published clinical studies to prove that it works.

esprit’s Editor, Andrea Ferrari proving the évolis Reverse Activator works – diligence with 2 X daily application and patience – this is 6 months’ work in progress

“Cutting through the noise required a multi-platform approach, where we connected with key retail contacts on several touch points.  We asked Andrea Ferrari, editor of esprit Magazine Australia, early on to test our products. Her experience with évolis was an important validation. She is a sought after sounding-board on beauty. Luckily, she loved our Activator and saw real results, which prompted her to write an independent editorial in the magazine, on the website and in social posts. This was an important turning point for us in getting the attention of the leaders in retail”.

National Head of Beauty at Priceline Pharmacy, Susie Bearzi says: “Scalp and hair health is essential to helping our customers look and feel great as part of their beauty routine. We are excited about expanding our range with the évolis Professional brand to provide our customers with a results-driven regimen to promote healthy hair throughout their various life stages.”

For more information:

Cellmid: http://www.cellmid.com.au/

Advangen: https://www.evolisproducts.com.au/

évolis Professional: https://www.evolisproducts.com.au/

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