The innisfree 2020 Green Holidays collection, designed by Steven Harrington, an artist and designer based in Los Angeles, California, launched on November 1.

The packaging, inspired by California’s diverse culture and distinctive scenery,  is filled with patterns of characters exchanging gifts and sharing happiness, much like the spirit of the Australian summer and holiday season. 

The new Jeju Root Energy Mask Set, containing all eight Jeju Root masks, is part of the limited-edition range which also includes innisfree best-selling Green Tea Seed Serum and Jeju Orchid Cream both double the size, at an incredible price, perfumed Hand Cream and Lip Balm sets with scents inspired by Jeju Island in Korea,  the Glam Mood Palette, Jelly Balm Lip Crayons and  Perfumed Diffusers  available in two delightful fragrances, Fruity Sweet and Deep Floral.

Made from root veggies grown on Jeju Island, the Jeju biodegradable masks are infused with five hyaluronic acid complexes and are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids that together, help deliver hydration and intensified benefits to skin.

The Jeju Root Energy Mask Set is  $21.

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