Despite being more than 90 years old, Mickey Mouse today is as popular as ever.

In addition to collaborations with the likes of Apple, Gucci, Adidas, Supreme, Kate Spade, L’Oréal, Maybelline and Sephora, Mickey Mouse has leant his iconic ears to innisfree.

The South Korean cosmetics brand, owned by Amore Pacific, has launched its ​Hello 2020 Disney Collection featuring the beloved mouse as well as Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Pluto.

The collection includes two Orchid and Bija skincare sets in a reusable case, hydrating Green Tea Mist, Pore Blur Powder, two My Lip Balm Sets, and My Perfumed Body Green Tangerine Cleanser and Lotion.

The Bija Cica Balm EX ​value set.

Nikki Novakovic, PR and marketing manager for innisfree Australia, said the collection featured “characters that we’ve all grown up with and reflect our deep nostalgia for childhood”.

“We’re delighted to have teamed up with the Walt Disney Company to create a one-of-a-kind limited-edition skincare, makeup, and body care collection featuring everyone’s favourite Mickey Mouse & Friends characters,” she said.

Mickey Mouse first came to life in Walt Disney’s animated short film Steamboat Willie back in 1928.

Since then, the iconic black ears have been big business – Fast Co reported Disney “was raking in $1 million a year in merchandise sales (equivalent to $19 million in 2019 dollars)”, within five years of his film debut.

Even Herman ‘Kay’ Kamen, Disney’s first-ever licensing agent, predicted the power of Disney back in the 1940s, when he told the New York Times: “Mickey Mouse is the greatest thing in the history of merchandising.”

​ The innisfree collection is available for a limited time in all stores in   Australia.

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