Projected to grow significantly, the beauty ingestible market is estimated at $4.98 billion as of 2022, with expectations to expand to around $12.91 billion by 2031,  according to Insightace Analytic.

This represents a robust Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.4 per cent over the forecast period from 2023 to 2031.

Intu Wellness, co-founded by Anna Robards and Christie Whitehill, has secured an impressive partnership with Mecca, one of the most coveted collaborations for emerging Australian brands. This partnership marks a significant milestone as Intu Wellness becomes the first Australian ingestible beauty brand to be featured in Mecca stores across Australia and New Zealand.

The duo recently introduced two new ingestible beauty super powders – Energy & Skin Radiance and Gut & Skin Rejuvenation – to their product line, inspired by their experiences with motherhood and Christie’s burnout recovery.

These powders, rich in active ingredients like hydrolysed marine collagen, ashwaganda, and turmeric, aim to enhance energy, gut health, sleep, and skin radiance, addressing the specific wellness needs of mothers, and join their OG product Sleep & Skin Renewal.

Mecca, which is broadening its wellness offerings, sees this collaboration with Intu Wellness as a major advancement. The introduction of Intu Wellness into Mecca ‘s lineup is set to enhance the supplement category within their stores, bringing a curated selection of products aimed at addressing key wellness issues such as sleep, energy, and gut health.

This aligns with Mecca’s goal to bridge the gap between beauty and wellness, providing customers with a comprehensive approach to their beauty-wellness routines.

Liz McCartan, Mecca’s Head of New Brands, expressed her enthusiasm for the launch, noting its significance in reinforcing Mecca’s authority in the wellness domain.

“Intu Wellness is an exciting addition to Mecca’s Wellness Category with the brand’s unique product offering positioned perfectly as a gateway between the beauty and wellness segments for our customers at Mecca,” she said.

“The supplement category can be difficult to navigate however, Intu Wellness offers the perfect edit to assist our customers with key wellness concerns including sleep, energy, and gut health, making the range a great addition to building out your sleep-beauty-wellness routine.

“We are always thrilled when we can support another Australian brand establishing themselves in the world of beauty, which is what initially drew us to Intu. The brand’s vision and drive to connect the dots between wellness and beauty, making it accessible yet effective is what we want to bring to our customer.”

Th partnership will see Intu Wellness’ products being made available in 80 stores and online, a significant expansion for the brand.

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