Celebrating three decades of pioneering in skincare-infused makeup, Iredale Cosmetics Inc has unveiled its jane iredale Ready to Bloom collection in Australia.

Founded by Jane Iredale, the brand has championed clean makeup since its inception, introducing products that nurture and protect the skin. The anniversary highlights the brand’s journey of innovation and the strong relationships built with partners and customers worldwide.

Reflecting on the beauty industry’s transformation, CEO Chris Payne and founder Jane Iredale recounted the pioneering launch of Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder, a product that seamlessly combined makeup and skincare, setting a new standard.

“Thirty years ago, the concept of ‘clean makeup’ was unheard of,” Chris remarked. “Jane Iredale led the charge, questioning why makeup couldn’t also benefit the skin.”

Jane recalled her experiences in the entertainment industry, where the health of an actor’s or model’s skin could impact their career. “A prominent agent in New York once told me they’d never hire a model with problematic skin. It was a turning point for me, highlighting an opportunity to positively impact women’s lives.”

This commitment to combining beauty with health has remained at the heart of the brand, influencing the creation of its latest collection.

Ready to Bloom draws inspiration from Jane Iredale’s love of gardening, translating the vibrant hues of nature into a range of cosmetics designed for beauty without compromise. The collection embodies the brand’s ethos of premium ingredients and ethical standards, celebrated by skincare professionals in over 50 countries.

As Iredale Cosmetics steps into its 30th year, Ready to Bloom represents both a nod to the brand’s legacy and a look forward to its future in offering innovative beauty solutions that care for the skin.

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