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Words by Sarah Mullen 

Is your e-commerce site as on-trend as your products/brand? It’s easy to be ‘too close’ to your own business and blind to the customer’s experience. Here’s some pointers to consider.


Sustainability isn’t sexy, but it sure is trendy. When a customer clicks ‘Checkout Now’, they’re committing to more than a purchase. They’re saying: ‘I Do’. They’re saying they believe in how your business contributes and cares. It’s crucial that retailers understand how important sustainability is for their customer and make it a priority. At Adore Beauty we use recycled boxes, 100% recycled void fill, and a super smart Warehouse system that tells us the perfect sized box to use to reduce wastage. Contrary to common thought, sustainability can actually be cost effective and positive for the P+L. Be bold and commit to making a positive difference.


Customers aren’t dumb, so let’s not treat them like they are. It’s trendy to be educated and informed about beauty; talk about the Retinol you tried last week or give your girlfriend a recommendation for the benefits of mixing vitamin C and vitamin B.

Look at you; when did you become a Skin Therapist? You go girl!  It’s our job to give our customers independent, real, interesting and educational content. Customers are highly engaged, and thirsty for it. Our position is: Adore Beauty is your online beauty library, smelling like Glasshouse’s Tahaa and Juliette Has A Gun. We share our authority on mainstream and discovery, international to indie brands…and that’s why customers come to our trusted destination.

Mobile First

Ever landed on a site that’s not optimised for mobile? As you pinch to zoom and tap your screen frantically trying to navigate, you eventually close the browser and curse! It’s 2019! Over half of web traffic is from the mobile device, so if your site isn’t mobile friendly, you’re missing out. From improving organic traffic to accessibility and CX, take some time to know your customer and invest in a mobile-first site. This is one trend with a long, strong, life span.

About Sarah

With a strong fashion and cosmetics background, and passionate about product, brand, and leading teams Sarah Mullen joined Adore Beauty in 2013. Sarah is now the General Manager leading Brands, Customer Service and Operational departments.

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