B. Blumarine - a Fruity Floral by Blumarine, in Priceline through Escentials Brands

The newest fragrance from iconic Italian fashion house, Blumarine, B. Blumarine, arrives in Australia through Escentials Brands, exclusively available at Priceline.

Blumarine is a luxury prêt-à-porter fashion brand with romanticism, a vibrant sensuality, and an eye on high-quality products core to its DNA.

Described as a legendary brand launched in 1977, the magic has always moved with the times.

B. Blumarine is the olfactive embodiment of the Blumarine woman.

B. Blumarine perfume campaign exudes seduction and strength

Portrayed in the brand’s campaign, adjectives that come to mind are joyous, vivacious, energetic and vibrant.

From the seductive lightness of a chiffon dress to the invincible strength of optimism, the B. BluMarine woman balances a natural air of elegance with simplicity.

Young luxury perfume creator, Marie Salamagne, has built a complex fragrance around the cabbage rose, being the flower-icon of Blumarine fashion house and the favourite of lead house designer, Anna Molinari.

Categorised as a floral-fruity fragrance, the rose note is flanked by floral accents of jasmine and passionflower as well as fruity notes of pink grapefruit, pear and cassis.

Sensual accords of musk, sandalwood and cedar complete B. Blumarine, giving it a gourmand finish.

The cut crystal bottle has been finished with a floral print chiffon flower attached to the bottle neck with a gold chain.

An added bonus? This ornament can also be worn a pendant, ring or carried as a lucky charm to scent and keep in a handbag, closet or drawer.

Eau de Parfum 100ml Natural Spray | RRP $79

Launching November 2019 exclusively at Priceline.

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