I never worry about the product results, says Irene Robinson talking about the luxury skincare brand she has been General Manager of for almost 11 years. She’s not being blasé. She, like everyone in the company, knows the products work. All Sisley products are scientifically researched and developed with perfection to guarantee exceptional results. What drives Irene is educating the Beauty Consultants on the specific Sisley Rituals.

“With these carefully devised Rituals literally at their fingertips, our Beauty Consultants demonstrate each product to the customer using the specific application gestures. They consult with the customer and then show them in the mirror, so they learn the techniques in the right order. This translates into an educated customer who goes home and gets the best out of her product(s) and ultimately sees the exceptional results”, says Irene. With a luxury product you’d want your customer to have the most beautiful experience for the duration of using every last drop, and repeat her purchase. Knowing when to use it, where it fits in to her own routine, how much to use and the best application or massage technique to use will engage the customer in getting the best experience, and ultimately, end result. “Sisley is a private, family-owned company with an encompassing culture of team engagement and coaching. Each member of the team is coached personally, engendering a compassionate desire to help their customers. Knowing they are recommending sensorial, high performance and high-end cosmetics is a given. It’s inspiring the customers to be committed to the Sisley Ritual, as they use their products at home, that drives the Sisley Beauty Consultants”. Tonia Casswell as Sales and Training Manager ANZ, spends her days coaching the team, on the pathway to superior, mindful customer service.

Tonia Casswell National Sales and Training Manager
“Inspiring all our Sisley Team to provide the very best in customer service is the forefront of our everyday activities. Our training and coaching both in classroom and on-counter revolve around Sisley service, inspiring our teams to provide expert product knowledge coupled with specific demonstration protocols – the on counter Sisley Rituals. A critical key to our team’s success is proficiency in the Rituals. This specific application technique for a customer’s skin concerns, provides our customers a luxury in-store experience and a true understanding of the pleasure of sensorial textures of the Sisley range. Our team sees the power these Rituals have in creating loyalty to the brand. The teams have embraced the concept of on-counter demonstration and by using the demonstration Rituals they really do delight their customers and create the desire to purchase. It makes them proud to give service beyond expectations, one our customer appreciates and enjoys. By inspiring our consultants to utilise these Rituals in their everyday activities, they witness the success and the results generated. Sisley uses the best in Phytocosmetology, and the brand comes alive from the energetic and passionate service our teams provide”.

April Roberts Sales Coach and Beauty Therapist
“Today customer loyalty is more important than ever. It doesn’t just happen overnight though. It needs to be earned and nurtured. How we start this relationship is from the very first interaction with the customer. From engaging with the customer with a friendly and welcoming nature – to inviting them into our Sisley world, this starts the beginning of a wonderful relationship between the customer, the Beauty Consultant and the brand. “Our customers will find our Sisley Beauty Consultants not only have a driving passion for the brand and what we represent, but are always wanting to find the best solution for the customer’s needs”.

Kathy Chen Counter Manager David Jones Elizabeth Street
“Luxury French skincare along with a more personalised customer service is unique to Sisley Paris. People like to be cared for and made to feel important. When we satisfy their expectations, customers become loyal to the brand and feel a sense of belonging to Sisley Paris”.

Building on its position as a leading luxury hands-on brand, Sisley offers professional beauty room facials at selected David Jones stores (bookings essential) carried out by the Beauty Therapist trained Beauty Consultants. These facials are designed for maximum effectiveness and pleasure to enhance the customer’s beauty and wellbeing. “It’s an escape from today’s busy, modern life. The ultimate in combining the best of nature with science to leave the client feeling renewed and revitalised with visibly glowing skin”, says Irene.

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