Exclusive Webinar 12:20PM [AEST] 1ST NOV 2017 Go to https://www.shping.com/webinar  to register.

Barcodes have been a part of the retail environment for decades. With the advent of Shping, the humble barcode is now set to become a powerful consumer engagement and marketing tool that can be activated through a smartphone.

Consumers’ shopping habits are changing faster than they have ever done before. Global awareness has made the modern consumer more selective, and their shopping habits indicate there is a hunger for more detailed information about the products they buy. There are now so many choices available to consumers that brands are also finding it much harder to influence their shopping decisions prior to purchase.

That’s why esprit Magazine has organised this webinar to help their readers to stay ahead of the game. This webinar will demonstrate how your GS1 barcodes enable your customers to uncover a product’s ingredients and how Shping Bots acts as an artificial intelligence that provides relevant information to a consumer in the way that you would do if you could have a real representative talking to a consumer at every store.

The webinar will cover new trends in loyalty programs, gain of consumer insights and other tools available to brands today. Recently launched Shping app grants shoppers rewards for their input into developing the world’s largest product database; this will revolutionise the way brands market to consumers and help other users to shop safer and smarter. Forget what you know about B2C marketing, the future of marketing is C2B – and Shping is pioneering a new era in consumer engagement.

Please join us for an exclusive webinar conducted by Shping where you’ll learn more about this revolutionary and powerful platform and its impact on retailing today. 

Exclusive Webinar 12:20PM [AEST] 1ST NOV 2017. Go to https://www.shping.com/webinar to register.

  • Learn about the trend towards Consumer to Business marketing, spearheaded by the “always on” mobile economy.
  • Harness the power of the Shping platform and learn how it can be used to influence purchase decisions at the point of purchase.
  • Discover the innovative ways for brands to serve messages to consumers to edge out their competitors.
  • Understand the potential in the platform to surface rich customer analytics, product safety information and to help protect brands.
  • Find out how block-chain & cryptocurrency removes the middleman in your relationship with your customers. 

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