The Jojoba Company, co-founded by Vicki Engsall and her father in 2008, is a shining example of how personal experiences can lead to groundbreaking business success.

Vicki’s journey began when she and her husband faced fertility challenges and sought an alternative approach to parenthood.

This path introduced her to Amanda Haberecht, a seasoned naturopath, and under Amanda’s guidance, Vicki made profound lifestyle changes, adopting organic and natural foods, and shifting to natural skincare products, including jojoba, even at a time when such options were scarce.

“Back then, around 20 years ago, the availability of natural skincare brands was quite limited,” Vicki explained.  “There were only a handful to choose from at the time. It was during this period that Amanda introduced me to a product called jojoba. I admitted I hadn’t heard of it before. She emphasised its incredible benefits for the skin, describing it as a natural wonder. Amanda even mentioned that it could be used during pregnancy, making it safe for both the baby and the expectant mother.”

Intrigued by Amanda’s recommendation, Vicki embarked on a quest to find jojoba, and after some searching, stumbled upon tiny bottles of this substance.

Vicki’s commitment to this transformation, supported by Amanda’s emotional backing, eventually led to a successful IVF treatment and the birth of their child.

The connection with Amanda not only marked a personal turning point but also sowed the seeds of The Jojoba Company.

Inspired by the transformative power of natural living, Vicki and her father embarked on a mission to create a skincare brand focused on simplifying routines, offering safe products, and promoting well-being.

The result was the birth of Vicki’s “second child”, The Jojoba Company and their flagship product, Australian Wadi-Wadi Jojoba.

Vicki shared the story behind the brand at the recent launch of the Vitamin C Glow Potion over breakfast at Chiswick.

The luxurious facial oil, which sold out in just over a week, boasts impressive clinical results, including a 5x increase in skin luminosity, a 30 per cent reduction in redness, and a 32 per cent  improvement in skin smoothness.

“Made with Wadi-Wadi Jojoba and Advanced THD Ascorbate, and enriched with turmeric, tomato oil, and red raspberry, this potent oil is renowned for its reduced potential to provoke irritation compared to alternative Vitamin C products,” Vicki said. “It’s the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin.”

Images from the launch event below. Credit: @thepixen.

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