Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion debuted in 1968 as the final step in Clinique’s iconic 3-Step system. DDML+, as the cult classic is known to its
legions of fans, has not only remained a global phenomenon for 50 years, it continues to be the first prestige moisturiser young women all over the world reach for when their skin stops being oily or they need added hydration. The hero product, updated with advances in skincare technology, not only continues to fly off the shelves, it has also outlasted passing trends amid fierce competition in Australia and overseas.

That enduring leading edge status and success is not about to change. DDML+ accounts for 7 per cent of our total business and enjoys year-on-year growth, says Corinne Duffy, National Marketing Manager for Clinique. “What’s different about the Clinique customer is that she demands the right product for her skin. The skincare industry has gone through a lot of phases and has now gone back full circle to the importance of intense moisturisation. But even with a best-selling product like DDML+, younger consumers are looking for weightlessness and an invisible texture in a product that offers added benefits”.


It’s our challenge to meet the constantly evolving needs of our customers and provide an answer for them”, says Duffy. “Clinique never goes fishing where skincare trends are concerned because our customers trust us to come up with the best version of a product. The new Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly is a 100% transparent, oil-free water jelly that not only hydrates and repairs the skin’s moisture barrier, it also protects the skin from the effects of pollution”.

Jelly moisturisers have become a major success in South Korea because they not only drench the skin with moisture, the watery textures help to stabilise active ingredients more effectively. At Clinique, our aim is to bring something extra to any category we enter which is easily understandable and has a real point of difference, adds Duffy. “Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly is aimed at younger consumers and Asian customers and extends the reach of the DDML+ family”.

In 2013, Clinique launched Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+, an update on the original formula that incorporated a new barrier strengthening complex and moisturising ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and glycerin. An oil-free gel version for oilier skins or for use as a lighter moisturiser in summer also joined the franchise. In 2016, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream made its debut to offer all day hydration to very dry skin. Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly is the fourth pillar, says Duffy. “It’s as light as air and is suitable for all skin types, providing 24 hour hydration and pollution protection”.


Pollution has rapidly moved from being a back story to top-of-mind for consumers worldwide, especially in Asia. The clear, lightweight formula of Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly uses ground-breaking Clean-Shield Technology that helps to lock in moisture and filter out pollution. Fast-absorbing, it balances the skin’s moisture levels for an instant hydrating effect and powerful humectants such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid attract and bind moisture to the skin for round-the-clock moisturisation.

The non-sticky formula works well alone or under makeup, says Duffy. “Thanks to Moisture Barrier Blend, a skin barrier boosting mix of sunflower seed cake, barley extract and cucumber fruit extract, regular use makes the skin 87 per cent less vulnerable to damaging pollution. Basically, Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly re-invents daily moisturisation through a three-pronged approach – hydration, strengthening and protection. It will be available in-store from July 29th and we are backing the launch with a full 360 campaign – online TV, print, outdoor, social and digital media”.


Clinique was the first major brand to bring a dermatological strategy and approach to cosmetics and a great part of its success is its hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free positioning. To coincide with the brand’s 50th anniversary, Clinique has developed a new Purity Statement to re-assert and update its original core mission.

The theme is – Every Face. Every Need, Evert Day. Clinique – explains Duffy. “The statement emphasises the fact that our products are allergy-tested and 100% fragrance-free and are always formulated for maximum results without irritation. We also remind existing and new customers that every Clinique product is an innovation based on 50 years of research. With consumers seeking greater transparency and information, we also affirm that Clinique avoids using allergens, irritants and ingredients that can age or harm the skin, while never sacrificing one bit of the effectiveness you need”.


In another bid to appeal to younger customers, Clinique has relaxed its in-store dress rules for Consultants. Customers expect a lot from our Consultants, says Duffy. “Of course, they research things online but when they come to one of our counters they still expect to receive expert advice about ingredients and trends. Jane Lauder, Global Brand President for Clinique, introduced the “Rock The Lab Coat” strategy a year ago to help younger customers feel more at ease. Consultants still wear the brand’s heritage lab coat but they can wear fashionable shoes and clothes underneath. They really are our best ambassadors and do tutorials, blog posts and more”.

Clinique’s staff training has also changed with the times, says Duffy. “We debuted the Sales Mastery program last year. One of the highlights for the Consultants are the sensory stations where they can play with the textures, effects and feel of our latest products just like customers”. We recognise that people and environments change, adds Duffy. “The launch of Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly not only gives Clinique customers the next big thing in terms of texture, efficacy and protection, it also extends the iconic DDML franchise because everyone needs extra hydration whatever their skin type”.

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