La Bottega, renowned for over 40 years as a leading provider of luxury hotel toiletries and amenities, has strategically acquired a majority stake in Vanity Group, a global leader in the cosmetics industry known for its designer hotel guest amenities, for an undisclosed sum. Vanity Group announced in December 2023 that its headquarters in Sydney, Australia, had achieved B Corp certification.

This acquisition marks a significant milestone in the luxury hospitality industry, bringing together two giants with a shared vision for innovation and luxury.

La Bottega, with its rich Italian heritage and global presence through 10 regional head offices in key cities around the world, including New York, London, Paris, and Dubai, is renowned for its prestigious collaborations with luxury brands like Santa Maria Novella and Diptyque. Vanity Group, established in 2011 with an Australian entrepreneurial spirit, stands out for its focus on design, development, manufacture, and marketing of luxury hotel guest amenities, collaborating with brands such as Karl Lagerfeld and Jo Loves by Jo Malone CBE.

Paul Tsalikis, Chairman of Vanity Group, will continue to lead the company, retaining an equitable sharehold and ensuring the continuity of the firm’s innovative spirit and leadership.

“La Bottega share the same creative spirit, dedication to innovation and the gusto
to transform the in-room hotel experience,” he said. While we continue to operate as
separate entities, together, we expand and strengthen our unique model to the
market: part guest cosmetics powerhouse and part creative agency – focussed
on creating unforgettable experiences for guests.”

Tommaso Pacini, Chairman of LA Bottega, expressed enthusiasm about the strategic alignment, highlighting the opportunity to combine forces across global distribution and brand portfolio to set new standards in the hospitality industry.

“In the last five years, looking at Vanity Group’s remarkable development, it made strategic sense to partner with them to forge the next generation of Hospitality Curators, ” he said. “We retain our signature brand identities but combine forces across global distribution and creating an impressive, shared brand portfolio – honouring our commitment to enriching the hospitality industry. We’re looking forward to exchanging ideas, being curious, and pampering guests all around the world.”

Together, LA Bottega and Vanity Group boast a presence in over 120 countries, with a combined team of over 500 people and a portfolio of over 100 brands in the luxury hospitality sector.

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