La Prairie managing director Australia and New Zealand Rosi Fernandez.

La Prairie held an intimate Brand Moment over lunch for media at the iconic Quay restaurant in Sydney.

 Over a two-course menu inspired by chef Peter Gilmore, managing director Australia and New Zealand Rosi Fernandez, marketing and communications director Ai San Beaumont  and  education director Belinda Besant each spoke individually about future plans from the luxury  Swiss skincare brand, particularly since the Covid-19 pandemic had hit.

Rosi said she was “really proud”  that “as an organisation we are supporting our people as much as we can because we have a long term vision” and that guests had been invited to the event as “we are here to talk about the business of recovery”.

“The one thing  we’ve learnt over this period is we are so appreciative of the good things –  and this lunch is one of those good things,” she said.

“And while we cannot hug and kiss, it is a step in the right direction.”

Rosi said after talking to her colleagues in Europe, she realised “we are in such a good place in Australia” and that the brand’s visions remained strong.

“The La Prairie vision is that we are the most desirable luxury house in skin care from Switzerland to the world,” she said.

“True luxury is timeless and it’s worth striving for. It’s aspiration and that’s what our team does every day.”

Rosi said although Aussies were not travelling overseas at the moment, they were travelling locally and “investing in themselves more so than ever before”.

 “Quality and luxury and experiences are what they are striving for,” she said.

La Prairie marketing and communications director Ai San Beaumont speaking about the brand’s partnership with Swiss artist Douglas Mandry.

Ai San spoke in depth about the  La Prairie CSR Partnership with Swiss artist Douglas Mandry to preserve Swiss natural landscapes focusing on the Swiss glaciers.

The three-original works by Douglas  – Horizon II 2020, Light Beam Over Titlis 2020 and Over the Sea of Fog 2020 –  can be purchased by visiting the online bidding auction which is now live.

“This is a beautiful and meaningful initiative that La Prairie is proud to support which contributes to making a positive impact in climate change by preserving the natural Swiss landscapes,” she said.

Influencer and esprit contributor Icy Ling with the Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Collection.

Media were then introduced to the  latest skincare innovation from the brand – the Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Collection – with an indulgent hand massage, before being colour matched to their true foundation colour.

The brand announce it had recently brought its communications in house, previously held by Max Media Lab,  effective  from October 1, and has an exciting announcement to make on November 30.

esprit editor Michelle Ruzzene has an indulgent hand massage.

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