La Roche-Posay Toleriane Teint Make Up and Respectissime Eye Makeup Collection is the L’Oréal-owned derma skincare brand’s venture into cosmetics.

Beauty media heard about the makeup from the brand’s Rachael McAdam – Medical Relations Manager, Jenna Cormack – Priceline Pharmacist at The Ponds, NSW and Kirstie Coulls – Beauty Advisor at Marrickville Priceline, NSW. 

Sensitive faces

Toleriane Teint Make Up range of gentle makeup solutions for sensitive skin draws on the brand’s 40-year long association with dermatologists formulating unique skincare products to soothe, hydrate and rebalance sensitive, intolerant or allergic skin, combining high-tolerance with high efficacy within its skincare formulations.

A complete collection combining high tolerance skincare ingredients with easy-to-wear colours and textures, the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Teint Make Up Collection consists of three formulation solutions: Fluid, Mineral Compact and Water-Cream, a targeted concealer corrective pen and a bronzing and mattifying powder all made for sensitive skin. The formulations enhance rather than camouflage, to beautify and comfort sensitive skin. 

The Toleriane Teint Fluid Corrective Foundation, a best seller in Europe, highlights the brand’s signature skincare credentials. A true emblematic product it is a complexion corrector that offers sensoriality and coverage while guaranteeing an ultra-natural looking finish – in six shades. RRP $39.95, 30ml.

…and for sensitive eyes

La Roche-Posay Respectissime eye makeup collection launches at the same time. Created for those with sensitive eyes and skin. There are three mascaras – Volume, Multi-Dimensions and Waterproof, RRP $29.95; an eye liner, RRP $24.95, an eye pencil, RRP $21.95 and an eye makeup remover, $19.95. In developing the products the formulations were taken through rigorous tolerance testing on individuals suffering with severe atopy, under dermatologist and ophthalmological control. 

Staying true to La Roche-Posay’s brand heritage of gentle formulas with minimal ingredients, the complete collection is fragrance and paraben free, while the mascaras use only purified pigments and are nickel-controlled to avoid any eye or skin irritation. The mascaras are enriched with an anti-tear formula; with Reconstituted Lachrymal Liquid to imitate a tear’s natural composition ensuring eyes do not react or run. The easy melt-on formula helps to reduce rubbing and therefore further irritation and discomfort. 

All the La Roche-Posay makeup products are fragrance free, preservative free and non-comedogenic as well as all being dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. Available at Priceline stores nationwide now. 

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