Alopecia sufferer Charlotte Adamson, 18, is the face of the Variety x Lady Jayne partnership

If there is one thing we are certain of at esprit Magazine Australia, it’s that beauty isn’t skin deep.

Acne, wrinkles, or hair loss categorically can affect our self-esteem.

This week through to November 17th, 2019 is National Alopecia Awareness Week (NAAW).

Alopecia is a little known condition that affects up to 2 per cent of Australians. Essentially it means you have hairless patches or no hair at all.

It’s an autoimmune disease which causes hair-loss of the scalp, face or body. Cases can range from mild to severe, and there is currently no cure.

Many sufferers turn to wigs or headpieces to provide a sense of control over their appearance and condition.

That is why Lady Jayne has teamed up with Variety to support children living with this disease.

In partnership with Variety’s Hair with Heart program, Lady Jayne will donate 100 per cent of profits raised through the sales of its popular Double Bar Slides.

These funds will help create wigs for kids who have lost their hair due to alopecia, cancer treatment or other rarer conditions.

Charlotte Adamson is the face of this partnership and understands the confidence boost a wig can provide.

Diagnosed with alopecia at seven-years-old, Charlotte experienced bullying because of her condition and as a result, had to move schools.

“I was getting bullied because I had no hair,” says Charlotte.

While bullying isn’t listed as a medical side effect, it still can be a devastating aspect of life with Alopecia.

The aim of the Lady Jane x Variety partnership is not only to raise money, but also raise awareness.

Encourage consumers to support a worthy cause that gives children the gift of confidence through the purchase of a Lady Jane x Variety product!

The Lady Jayne x Variety Double Bar Slides are available at Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and independent pharmacies.

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