With so much information about skin concerns it’s not surprising people make an opinion of their own skin, which may not actually be the case. A huge percentage of women are convinced they have sensitive skin, mainly through self-diagnosis. Over the past five years, there has been a tidal wave of media attention about the effects of pollution yet many experts are not convinced it has the same impact on the skin as it does on wildlife and monuments. Lancôme R&D reveals a wider issue – just like bad hair days, many of us experience bad skin days.


Many of the symptoms of chrono-sensitivity including flare-ups, itchiness, stinging and tightness are similar to those of sensitive skin, chrono-sensitivity does not discriminate as it affects women of all ages, skin types and ethnicities, says Lucy Bradshaw, Marketing Manager, Lancôme Australia. “The key difference of chrono-sensitivity is that it is time bound and it can be treated, unlike sensitive skin types that can be calmed but not cured”. If left untreated, chrono-sensitivity weakens the epi-dermis, known as the skin’s first line of defense and this can ultimately lead to premature ageing”. 

Lancôme underlines how crucial Education is to define the difference between these two skin conditions and implements a huge education program for its BAs and customers. “When guests come to counter, we make a diagnosis to determine whether they have sensitive skin or they are suffering from sensitive skin days.” Most will describe bad skin days and Advanced Génifique Sensitive is the perfect 30-day course of treatment for the 85% of us that are subject to these moments usually 2-3 times per year.


The positioning of the latest addition to the Génifique family is linked to the current trend of masks and boosters. Many women are looking for exceptional and potent results. Advanced Génifique Sensitive’s prescription-like approach works from the start, says Bradshaw. “But like a course of antibiotics, women have to finish the 30-day course. In one night, 94% of women agree their skin is more comfortable and after 28 days, 88% of women agree their skin is completely soothed*.”

*56 subjects, Caucasian panel, self assessment.

Bioavailability is a key buzzword in skincare today and the mix-it-fresh approach has gained traction for super-charging results. Some anti-oxidants lose their potency when incorporated into formulas, many of which are manufactured for a shelf life of two years or longer. But time, air and water, can dilute potency. So keeping active ingredients separate until just before application protects and optimises efficacy.

When chrono-sensitivity is triggered a surge of free radicals is produced. Anti-oxidants are critical in reducing this and ferulic acid is one of the most potent of all antioxidants, says Bradshaw. “It’s also one of the most volatile, so is best kept quarantined until just before use. It took over 125 trials to come up with the right way to harness the potency of ferulic acid. Once released from the Advanced Génifique Sensitive ampoule, it retains maximum efficacy for only eight weeks”.

The innovation of Advanced Génifique Sensitive is not just the fresh release and the 98% pure anti-oxidants but also the power of the dual concentrate in combining anti-oxidants with the renowned probiotic fractions of Advanced Génifique. The probiotic fractions are key to improving overall skin health through strengthening the skin’s barrier function, firming and plumping the skin. Lancôme has further enhanced the probiotic formulation in Advanced Génifique Sensitive with the introduction of a 3rd fraction known as lactobaccilus that soothes inflammation of the skin.


Consumers don’t have to become bathroom chemists, says Bradshaw. “Activating Advanced Génifique Sensitive is quick and easy. Simply press and turn the top of the antioxidant ampoule to combine the dual concentrate of 98% pure anti-oxidants (Ferulic acid and Vitamin E) with the renowned probiotic fractions. Then shake the bottle, remove the empty ampoule, replace the silver cap and pipette and apply straight to the skin as part of the evening routine”.

Australia was one of the first markets to launch Advanced Génifique Sensitive in early August, says Bradshaw. “It is our biggest skincare release since Visionnaire in 2014. We conducted a very detailed analysis of the market because the product has wide appeal to women of all ages whether they are 25, 45 or sixty-fi ve. Australia is one of the leading markets for the Advanced Génifique franchise and the advertising campaign covers TV, print and social media. We really want to educate loyal and potential customers about this truly addictive product”.

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