Australia and New Zealand are on the verge of a breakthrough in the realm of photoageing solutions as the renowned Spanish skincare brand, Isdin, makes its debut in the region.

For more than four decades, Isdin has remained dedicated to improving the skin health and well-being of millions and they have become a Bcorp-certified Spanish laboratory leading the way in skincare.

Collaboration with healthcare professionals and the scientific community is a fundamental aspect of their approach. Their Medical Advisory Board (MAB), consisting of experts from diverse fields, plays a pivotal role in guiding decision-making and driving new product development.

To introduce Isdin to the Australian market, George Kypreos, the Managing Director of Dermocosmetica, the distributor of Isdin in Australia, hosted an event at QT, Sydney. The event featured contributions from experts from Spain who showcased the brand’s philosophy and product offerings. Among the attendees were Berta Ochoa, Isdinceutics Global Brand Manager, and Javier Preez Carrion, Isdin Head of Export.

With a global presence spanning 56 countries, including 14 subsidiaries and 42 export partners, Isdin is a true leader in the skincare industry, they explained. One of its innovations is the Isdin Fotoprotector Fusion Water, a water-based sunscreen that seamlessly integrates with the skin.

As Isdin enters the Australian and New Zealand markets, they have a vision of becoming a “Lovemark” brand, establishing deep emotional connections with their customers.

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