Sydney will transform into a hotbed for natural beauty over the weekend of Sunday June 2nd and Monday June 3rd. The Naturally Good Expo is here to provide all the information for an audience of retailers and consumers covering a myriad of natural beauty brands and expert speakers. The 2019 education program is the place to learn about what’s now and next with free access to more than 20 presentations, panels and case studies to grow your business.

To get you excited for this weekend, we have spoken to key players in the natural beauty industry to get their take on this year’s leading trends. From CBD oil to plastic-free packaging, this is just a taste of the information you can gain from the expo! Keep reading to find out more.

Cindy Lüken from Lük Beautifood

Cindy Lüken is the founder and CEO of Lük Beautifood. Using her background in food science and nutrition, Lüken is pioneering clean, toxin-free, food active makeup through her 100% natural lipsticks.

“Women of today have a greater awareness of their health and wellbeing driven mostly from the availability of information online and by key influencers who have gone clean in their beauty routine.”

“The beauty shopper today is now looking for three things; a healthier, happier and more conscious life, natural and authentic look with simplified beauty routine, trusted source of supply. And, these shoppers do not mind paying more for this quality.”

“They are on a mission to reduce the toxic load from synthetic chemicals on their body, not only through the foods they consume, but through the products they apply.”

“There is a growing awareness of the exact ingredients used in beauty and personal care products, like reading a food ingredient statement.” 

And the hot product to watch?

“Gentle pink nude lipsticks made popular by Meghan Markle’s au naturale wedding makeup and multitasking products like MILKS solid Serum Chubby Sticks.”

Julie Mathers from Flora and Fauna

Julie Mathers is the CEO and Founder of Flora and Fauna. The online retailer was founded in 2014 and now stocks over 240 brands, all of which are vegan and cruelty-free. They have a focus on offering ethical choices and reducing waste. All of their orders are sent ‘naked’ using paper tape, meaning they’re free of harmful plastic.

“The hot new beauty trends – clean is the new natural.”

“We see customers questioning what’s in the products they are using. They don’t want to see parabens, SLSs and harsh chemicals, and that’s becoming the norm. People also want to know that products are cruelty free and, in our case vegan too.”

“With any product you have to look at the ingredients and what they mean for you. Everything contains chemicals. Even water is a chemical and everything is toxic to someone or in certain quantities so we need to be really careful with terminology used, for example chemical-free isn’t accurate.”

“Where we can make a huge difference, here is packaging and that’s where I want to see a much bigger change – that will really impact the environment.” 

And the hot product to watch?

“There are plenty of shampoo bars hitting the market now.”

Bob Burke from Natural Products Consulting

Bob Burke is the founder of Natural Products Consulting and has been consulting since 1998. He assists in bringing natural, organic and specialty products to market across most classes of trade.

“Products containing CBD, the chemical compound from the cannabis plant, is far and away the biggest-growing market in this space. Unlike the other compound in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it’s not psychoactive, and is used in products such as creams, balms, ingestible and even pet food treats. It’s said to make you feel relaxed, able to sleep better, and manage anxiety, amongst other things.”

“Interest has been so strong in the States that major corporations such as Coca Cola are now looking into working with CBD, as they want to be fully ready to launch with something once cannabis is fully decriminalized in the US. It’s hard to know when or if regulatory rules will be lifted in Australia, but if they are, expect to see an explosion of such products.”

The Naturally Good Expo 2019 is running between the 2nd of June – 3rd of June at ICC Sydney Darling Harbour.  

Feature image: @lukbeautifood

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