Going to events is arguably one of the most exciting parts of my job.

They are always a spectacle and you usually leave very gratefully with a bag of goodies in tow.

To an outsider of the beauty industry, events might appear to be a luxury or excuse to host a party. To the press, events are a great way to create buzz around a new product. It gives people a chance to become as excited about a product as its creator (and the breakfast canapes are always a bonus).

But what happens when the flower wall comes down and the DJ goes home. How do you translate the excitement in the retail space to the people who really matter?

Puig has found the solution in their Annual Blockbuster Training event.

Once a year, Puig beauty advisors from across the country come together to preview products and create excitement around new launches. The aim is to encourage the team to feel motivated to go back to their stores and approach the launches with added enthusiasm.

Puig National Training Manager Ruth Stonier headed up this year’s training event, which was held at the Carriageworks in Sydney.

“The moment our brand ambassadors walked through the door, I knew the day was going to be full of legendary moments,” says Stonier.

We like to build the notion of it being a Training Event versus a product training, which is key.”

This year’s training day revealed the latest collection from Paco Rabanne; Invictus Legend and Olympéa Legend. Beauty advisors were able to provide feedback, and Paco legends, the faces of the brand campaign, Nick Youngquest and Luma Grothe made a surprise visit to the event.

“It was a very memorable moment and sure to be a factor when storytelling with customers,” says Stonier.

The afternoon session also featured a preview-peek at the new Jean Paul Gaultier Garden Collection.

“At every training, I prepare something out of the ordinary to capture their imagination and leave an imprint that will make a difference when the BAs are telling the stories in store,” adds Stonier.

“With so many launches and sales targets to achieve, my overall objective to is ensure each brand has a point of difference.”

“A little bit of magic, fun and on this occasion, a quick dance routine makes for another memorable training event.”

“Our BAs left in the afternoon with a spring in their step, plenty of good memories and of course that’s all about a day that allows them to enjoy being together with their colleagues.”



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