Designed to disrupt traditional synthetic beauty standards, Liar Wrinkle Cheater is here to challenge the assumption that natural = ineffective.

This beauty disruptor is made from 100% natural ingredients, all of which are vegan and cruelty-free.

Early trial participants consistently reported that they were deemed as liars by friends and family who couldn’t believe the results from a plant-based product.

Hence the name Liar Wrinkle Cheater was born with its catch phrase:  ‘Tell them your real age, they’ll never believe you’.

 The ultimate wrinkle solution, Liar Wrinkle Cheater Eye Roller Serum is the pinnacle of green beauty technology.

Specifically engineered to mimic the mechanism of Botox by inhibiting muscle cell contraction, the supercharged eye serum works to visibly minimise the look of wrinkles and restore youthful volume, all while helping to heal, protect and soothe the skin. 

 Developed to target and address the root causes and signs of ageing, Liar Wrinkle Cheater is sourced from a trio of supercharged natural ingredients.

Liar’s proprietary hibiscus extract compound, Hipeptide, aka nature’s Botox, boosts cell renewal and inhibits the formation of new wrinkles, while Hyaluronic Acid and Colloidal Copper work together to help heal, protect and plump skin while gradually reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

When used twice daily, the potent combination of these three ancient ingredients can produce dynamic results, restoring youthful density to the skin, working to lift and firm the eye area, as well as helping to prevent wrinkle depth by 22% over a three week period.

 Perfect for all skin types and for all ages – from those in their 20s, wanting to prevent and protect, to those in their 40s+ who are looking to reduce wrinkles and brighten the eye area.

RRP $39.95 available online here.

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