Kate Lillian Muir, the visionary behind Lillian Muir, recently unveiled the brand’s debut collection, The Med Set Ritual.

This collection draws deeply from the vibrant culture of Greece, aiming to spotlight the communal values and tranquil beauty emblematic of Mediterranean daily life.

Kate asserts that Lillian Muir transcends being merely a brand; it serves as a tribute to the simple pleasures and collective experiences cherished in the Mediterranean lifestyle.

At the forefront of the collection is the Freddo Espresso Transforming Body Scrub. This pioneering product seamlessly blends the dual functionalities of a scrub and a serum, showcasing the brand’s forward-thinking approach to skincare. The collection is rounded out by the Whipped Body Cream and Body Sweep brush, both designed to complement the transformative scrub.

Sourcing ingredients indigenous to Greece, such as coffee grounds, olive seeds, and pomegranate extract, Lillian Muir pledges not just to refresh the skin but to immerse its users in an authentic Mediterranean experience. In alignment with its core values, Lillian Muir has forged partnerships with local Greek farmers and engineers, reinforcing its commitment to authenticity, support for the community, and sustainable practices.

The brand’s recent launch event served not only to introduce The Med Set Ritual but also to highlight forthcoming collaborations with distinguished photographers and digital artists. These partnerships aim to capture and convey the enchanting beauty of the Mediterranean environment and lifestyle, further enriching the brand’s narrative.

Images from the launch event below. Photography: Lauren Trompp.

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