L’Occitane, the renowned French skincare brand, hosted a glamorous event at Quay restaurant overlooking Sydney’s iconic harbor to celebrate the relaunch of their number one face cream, the Immortelle Divine Cream.

The event was not just about luxury; it was an opportunity for L’Occitane to showcase its dedication to sustainability and its recent certification from B Corporation Australia & NZ. During a  Q&A session with Managing Director L’Occitane Australia Pierre-Emmanuel Joffre  and co-host Gemma Watts, attendees gained insights into the brand’s  sustainability initiatives and their commitment to making a positive impact on the environment.

Joffre explained to guests that L’Occitane’s three-year plan involves a significant commitment to sustainability, with 60 per cent of its retail network transitioning to renewable energy.

“We also offer refill stations in our stores, reducing waste by 20 per cent,” he said.  “In three years, 70 per cent  of our stores will have refill stations.”

He continued: “Over the years, our team’s ambition to preserve biodiversity has been a driving force. We recognise our roots in nature and are committed to positively impacting communities while reducing waste to combat climate change. L’Occitane’s mission is to empower people for positive change and regenerate nature. Sustainability is at the forefront of our discussion.”

Joffre said the brand “prioritise sustainability not only for the planet but also for people” and had a “fair trade agreement with producers in Corsica to ensure their fair compensation, even in challenging times”.

“Regarding our Immortelle product, it’s worth noting that being B Corp certified is a significant achievement,” he said.

“It aligns us with like-minded companies that value sustainability, equity, and regeneration. B Corp certification involves a comprehensive audit of stakeholders, including employees, producers, suppliers, shareholders, and customers. It’s an ongoing journey of improvement, and B Corp challenges us to continually do better in terms of environmental and social practices.”

The upgraded Immortelle Divine Cream was showcased at the event. This cream  now boasts natural origin extracts, including Immortelle Essential Oil and the innovative Immortelle Super Extract.

Its rich formula is designed to fortify the skin’s resilience against external aggressors and combat the six signs of ageing: wrinkles, firmness, skin density, loss of radiance, uneven skin texture, and uneven skin tone. It also serves as a gentle and plant-based alternative to retinol, making it suitable for most sensitive skin.

Images from the launch event below. Photos by Darren Leigh Roberts.

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