By Claire Tapp, National Training and Education Manager, L’Oréal Paris

We know you are busy, so here is what you need to know…

L’Oréal Paris have a new mission: to inspire a generation of millennials to play with hair colour the way they do with make-up. Introducing the new Colorista range.


For no commitment high impact colour. Simply spray and wash out! 5 great shades – Hot Pink, Pastel Blue, Mint, Pastel Pink and Lavender – colours can be applied on their own or together for a mermaid effect.

Colorista 1 Day Spray


Premixed semi-permanent colour in a tube, no fuss, washes out in 2-15 shampoos. Available in 11 high fashion shades.

For Platinum – Dark Blonde: Peach, Pink, Dirty Pink, Lilac, Purple, Blue, Aqua, Indigo. For

Light – Dark Brown: Turquoise, Red and Orange.

Use the Colorista Fader Shampoo to gently fade the Wash Out range if desired.  

Colorista Wash Outs


3 ultra modern permanent shades (Rose Gold, Violet, and Blue Black) for those not afraid to commit.


2 lightening products to be used alone, or before using Colorista temporary colours, for a more dramatic effect.


1 Day Colour Sprays: Sprays are best applied to the lengths of clean, dry, brushed
hair. After spraying on desired colour/s, allow to dry before lightly spraying with Elnett hairspray to help lock in the colour. Best results will be seen on blonde to light brown hair. (Extra tip: The hot pink will be visible on dark hair). Don’t worry if colour gets on your t-shirt or pillow case, it will all come right out in the wash!.

Wash Outs: It’s very important to assist your customer to pick the right shade.
Platinum – Dark Blonde: use any of the 8 main shades (as detailed above in “Wash Outs”), do not use the vivid shades, as these will not easily fade from blonde hair.
Light Brown – Dark Brown: use the 3 vivid shades (Turquoise, Red & Orange), other shades will not be visible, unless you pre-lighten.
Black Brown – Black: not recommended.

Extra tips: always apply to clean, dry hair. If your customer has very long or thick hair, recommend they purchase 2 tubes.

Get involved and get inspired, by following our colorista influencer squad. Check out #colouryourway and tag your own pics to share inspiration with others.

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