Sydney experienced a touch of Parisian elegance as L’Oréal Paris hosted a glamorous event at Reign, QVB, to unveil its latest beauty innovations. The exclusive gathering attracted over 140 of Australia’s most influential beauty personalities, media figures, and VIPs, presenting an array of new products in cosmetics, skincare, and haircare.

Among the highlights were the launch of the L’Oréal Paris Panorama volumising mascara, the Bright Reveal dark spot serum, and the Glycolic Gloss haircare range. These products represent the brand’s ongoing commitment to combining scientific innovation with luxury beauty.

The event provided guests with a rich Parisian atmosphere, enhanced by interactive masterclasses that explored the science behind L’Oréal Paris’s advanced beauty solutions.

The evening also featured meaningful discussions on self-worth, confidence, and the pervasive impact of societal beauty standards on women’s self-esteem. The event began with a Welcome to Country by Yvonnee Welder, followed by remarks from Yoshiko Nadia Adelina, L’Oréal Paris AUNZ Marketing Director, who emphasised the theme of self-worth.

A panel discussion featuring Jessie Wright from L’Oréal Paris, brand partners Chantelle Baker and Maddy Macrae, and Dr Lee-Mei Yap, delved into personal stories about the importance of self-care and confronting harmful gender biases. These conversations were particularly poignant, resonating with L’Oréal Paris’s historic “Because I’m Worth It” campaign. Initiated in 1971 by a 23-year-old copywriter, the campaign has long championed women’s empowerment and self-respect, themes that continue to be at the heart of the brand’s message.

Adding to the buzz around its biggest lip product launch of 2023, Mary Fowler has recently been announced as the new face of L’Oréal Paris’s highly anticipated liquid lipstick, Matte Resistance.

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