A Lumira Parfum pop-up was held at MCM House in Paddington where founder Almira Armstrong educated guests on the exciting upcoming brand activity and the new parfums.

Speaking exclusively to esprit at the event, Almira said when she launched the brand in 2013, niche fragrance was still a relatively new concept.

“When we launched people didn’t really understand niche fragrance or unisex fragrance,” she said.  “All of our parfums are unisex.  It’s a nice and beautiful way of sharing fragrance with someone.”

In addition to the parfums there are home fragrances, including room sprays and candles, and perfume oils available.

There are five scents in the parfum collection – Arabian Oud, Cuban Tobacco, La Primavera, Soleil Du Maroc and Desert Nights – with each inspired by a moment in time that Almira has experienced.

The five Lumira parfums.

 “La Primavera is like walking down the streets in the morning in Sanremo, Italy, which is known as the city of flowers,” she said.“It’s a really beautiful floral, uplifting fragrance but with a woody base which off sets the flowers.”

The two most recent fragrances – Soleil Du Maroc and Desert Nights – were  inspired by Morocco.

“Soleil Du Maroc is inspired by the sun rising over Marrakesh, the citrus is the sun and you’ve got the spice s of the market. It’s a fresh but spicy scent,” she said. “Then you have Desert Nights, it’s a sultry scent, it’s about the sun setting over the desert so you have your leathers, your woods and your ouds.”

Almira said it took about 12 months to create a scent and sustainability was a major factor when it came to production.

“These parfums took about a year to put together because everything that we do is sustainable,” she said. “Everything is 100 percent recyclable and 100 percent reusable and that was a really important part for me.”

Almira said developing a scent was “tricky” as it took a long time to create it exactly how she wanted.

“I have to think ‘How does it make me feel?’ and ‘Did it say what I want it to say?’  – the story element is really important.”

esprit editor Michelle Ruzzene with Lumira founder Almira Armstrong.

Almira said bringing the experience element to the brand was important, which is why next year she will be taking 12 people to Morocco.

“With my travel partner, Encore Journeys, I have created a luxurious and bespoke itinerary that includes some of my favourite places, plenty of new destinations that I’ve been desperate to visit, exclusive and memorable experiences, introductions to my local friends and contacts and a true immersion into my world of fragrance,” she said.

“There are just 12 places are available and we’ve already sold six, so if you’d like to come along, you better get in quick.”

To find out more about the Lumira Journey in Morocco, check out the website here.

All event images Bright Photography.

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