You can take my coffee away from me, but don’t take my Vida Glow.

As Editor of esprit Magazine, you can imagine the number of new and classic beauty products I get to see. And some become favourites over time while others get into my Must Have cache a bit quicker. One compliment was all it took for Vida Glow Marine Collagen powder to become my new best friend. After one month of me trialing the tasty power range, my daughter looked at me quizzically and asked: “Mum have you had some work done?” Boom – she had me on that simple sentence. It was followed by a few friends also noting my plumped up complexion and now it’s a given …don’t take my Vida Glow away.

Complementing the collagen powders are Vida Glow’s plant-based superfood blends of protein and Inner Beauty powders that target key health, wellness and beauty needs. Packed with nutrition from ingredients such as organic fruits, vegetables, seeds, algae, roots, herbs and digestive enzymes that nourish the body to support balanced immunity, skin, mental clarity, stress release, energy, strength and rejuvenation.

Going sachet-happy

The dynamic brand has now launched the Inner Beauty powders in snappy sachets with all the convenience associated with this format.  I can hide them in draws and slip them in pockets…I’ll never be without!

The Inner Beauty Sachets are available in:

  • Beauty Protein Chocolate
  • Beauty Protein Vanilla
  • Body Balance
  • Beauty Greens
  • Beauty Skin
  • Beauty Sleep

Why do I drink marine collagen?

Anna Lahey, founder of Vida Glow shares her expertise.

Collagen is a hard, insoluble and fibrous protein, and is the most abundant protein in the human body, and the second largest substance behind water.

Replenishing collagen levels orally with marine collagen supplements will help benefit the building blocks that maintain the structural integrity of our hair, skin, nails and joints to keep us looking and feeling younger.

Vida Glow’s Marine Collagen works from within to promote optimal skin function, healthy hair and stronger nails by supplying the collagen matrix below the dermis, the deeper layers of the skin, with crucial micronutrients like the eight essential amino acids.

Other benefits of Marine Collagen include:

  • Increase in skin firmness, skin brightness and skin hydration
  • Decrease in the appearance of wrinkles
  • Decrease in joint pain
  • Reduction in join deterioration
  • Promotion of hair elongation and hair regeneration
  • Correction of damaged nails
  • Promotion of nail growth

Available at David Jones and health stores.

Feature image courtesy of @vida_glow

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