Michael Bublé’s fragrance range has achieved a remarkable accomplishment by becoming a best-selling product in Australia, which is the largest market for his fragrances.

Currently on tour in Australia, Michael is taking the opportunity to celebrate the remarkable success of his fragrance line in the Australian market.

The fragrance range consists of six distinct scents, all of which can be found at Chemist Warehouse, both online and in stores across the country.

Speaking exclusively with Retail Beauty from his hotel room at Capella Sydney, the father-of-four said the creation of the fragrance range was predominantly for brand expansion opportunities.

“I felt like it was a great move,” he said.

“Having been the ambassador for Rolex and collaborating with renowned brands such as Starbucks, I found myself in a position where I believed I had the potential to become a successful entrepreneur capable of expanding my own brand and reaching new heights.”

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing for the Canadian crooner, who admitted overcoming a number of business challenges along the way, especially early on with the manufacturing process.

“I was dissatisfied with the prototype,” he said. “After expressing my concerns, the company went ahead and produced thousands of units. Despite being given the first bottle, when the former CEO walked in, I openly admitted my dislike for it. The cap lacked excitement, the font was unappealing, and the bottle shape didn’t exude sophistication. As a result, our entire release schedule was disrupted, and it all went to s***.”

Bublé said perfection was imperative in his endeavour, especially as he was putting his name on the line.

“To me, it had to be perfect,” he said.

“I have worked so hard to build trust and a relationship and I knew the brand needed class, the brand needed sophistication, the brand needed value.  I wasn’t putting something out I wasn’t one hundred percent happy with. This was tough because I’m sure I cost us a lot of money at the time. But my manager was strong and I’m happy I didn’t compromise.”

The 47-year-old’s dedication clearly paid off, with all of the fragrances in the collection being eau de parfum and priced at $49.99 for a 100ml bottle, providing customers with great value for their purchase.

The most recent addition to the range is Love Notes, which was introduced exclusively in-store a few months ago.

This new fragrance has been well-received by customers, further contributing to the success of Bublé’s fragrance line.

Michael Bublé‘s fragrance list:

  • By Invitation Signature
  • By Invitation Peony Noir
  • By Invitation Rose Gold
  • Michael Bublé Pour Homme
  • Michael Bublé Passion
  • Michael Bublé Love Notes

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