The recent Super Bowl advertisement for the widely acclaimed skincare brand CeraVe, owned by  L’Oréal, has put an end to the swirling rumours involving actor Michael Cera.

The advertisement, which aired in Australia, humorously revealed that the speculation about Cera being the founder of CeraVe was merely a clever prank.

Capitalising on their shared name, CeraVe and Michael Cera collaborated on “Michael CeraVe,” a unique 360-degree marketing campaign.

This initiative featured a host of celebrities, including social media influencers, dermatologists, and even Australia’s own content creators such as Maddy MacRae, Emily Grosser, Mackenzie Macintye, and Michael Brunelli. The campaign culminated in CeraVe’s first-ever Super Bowl TV commercial, marking a significant milestone for the brand.

Amélie Lacan, Marketing Director, CeraVe Australia NZ, said: “CeraVe Australia is thrilled to have taken part in this first-of-its-kind global campaign with Michael Cera, engaging some of our favourite TikTok creators to bring the campaign to life for Australian audiences. We’ve seen considerable engagement online, with Australians joining the conversation and adding to the speculation over the last few weeks, before it all came together for the Super Bowl ad. CeraVe has always been developed with dermatologists and we wanted this campaign to highlight this foundational aspect of CeraVe’s heritage, which is rooted in the science of dermatology.”


Designed to emphasise CeraVe’s status as a top dermatologist-recommended skincare line, the campaign also aimed to broadly disseminate dermatological knowledge, particularly about the importance of moisturising effectively.

The campaign featured Michael Cera engaging with dermatologists and even starring in his unique “Michael CeraVe” commercial. However, the joke was unveiled in a boardroom scene with CeraVe dermatologists clarifying that “Cera” in CeraVe actually stands for “ceramides,” and not Michael Cera.

Watch the ad below:

A range of other beauty and personal care companies made their presence felt at the big game.

NYX Cosmetics, also owned by L’Oréal and now known as NYX Professional Makeup, launched its first-ever Big Game commercial starring global icon and longtime fan of NYX, Cardi B. 

“NYX is a brand that I’ve used since high school and that’s why it’s so special to partner with them for this campaign,” said Cardi B. “NYX has always made the best, affordable products and that’s why I still use them today. We had a lot of fun making this over-the-top, hilarious commercial and I can’t wait for everyone to see.” 

Watch the ad below:

E.l.f. Beauty and Unilever’s Dove featured new advertisements during the Super Bowl, showcasing the beauty industry’s presence in a space traditionally dominated by car and beer brands.

This move reflects the industry’s robust growth post-pandemic, supported by strong consumer spending and social media trends.

E.l.f. Beauty, following a successful regional Super Bowl ad with Jennifer Coolidge in 2023, invested in a national ad spot this year.

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