Supermodel and super mum, Miranda Kerr, may seem like she has the perfect life, but as Kora Organics founder and CEO, she is busy cementing herself as a skincare mogul.

esprit caught up with the mother of three boys to chat about her latest launch, the Noni Night AHA Resurfacing Serum, and how she manages a work/life balance.

Congrats on the birth of your third son – how do you juggle a career with motherhood?

“Thank you! It’s definitely a juggle as I’m sure it is for most families, but I love it… I guess for me, the most important thing is making sure that I plan and schedule appropriately. I’m lucky that both the babies, Hart and Myles are pretty good with their sleep routines, so that makes life a little easier. I’m passionate about having a healthy work/life balance and I feel fortunate to be able to balance a career while raising my family – I realise how lucky I am to be able to do both. My family are always top of mind and their needs come first, then I do my best to fit everything else in around them. I have multiple colour-coded calendars and try to schedule in work meetings/calls/etc when the kids are napping, in classes or at school.”

Tell us about some of the business highlights with Kora?

“There are a few highlights that I’m really proud of, firstly being at the forefront of the clean beauty and having all our products certified organic is a massive accomplishment, and the results our products produce (our consumer study results speak for themselves), but most importantly for me is reading the incredible testimonials we receive on a daily basis from all over the world about how our products are really making a difference to people’s skin, health and confidence.”

What are some of the business challenges you  have overcome?

“One of the biggest challenges is being a certified organic brand and educating people about the differences between clean beauty and certified organic beauty because the industry on a global level is unregulated, so there is a lot of greenwashing and false marketing going on. The more educated people are becoming on ingredients and the more people realise what they put on their skin soaks into their bloodstream, the more they are looking for healthier alternatives. Kora is not just healthy, it’s powerful because of the organic ingredients used.”

What advice would you give to those on the shop floor, selling your products?

“Researching and knowing the difference between the terms clean, natural and certified organic beauty because the industry is unregulated with many false marketing claims. The other would be the misconception that organic may not be as powerful as more conventional beauty products, but certified organic beauty, like Kora, is much more powerful, even than clean beauty. For example, not only are the ingredient crops not being sprayed with chemicals (pesticide/herbicides), the soil that the organic ingredients are grown on have to be nutrient dense and not depleted by continual growth and harvest – which therefore ensures a higher antioxidant content in the ingredients we are using – and logically produce more powerful results with our products.”

What’s next for you and Kora?

“We have just launched the Noni Night AHA Resurfacing Serum. It is a powerful certified organic night treatment serum that uses natural AHAs, BHA and ferments to resurface your skin and increase cellular turnover, leaving you with a smoother more refined complexion. Based on recent consumer studies, 91% of consumers noticed pores appeared smaller, the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation was minimised and that overall skin appeared more youthful. I also have another REALLY exciting product that I’m launching in a few months – I can’t wait to tell you more about it soon!”

Kora Organics is now available in 30 countries around the world.

This interview was featured in issue 64 of esprit.

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