With businesses and consumers adapting to lockdowns worldwide due to COVID-19, Spate Data has been tracking the increased number of  online searches for certain skincare, haircare and makeup products as more people work from home or maintain social distancing.

The US platform uses AI to identify patterns and consumer trends and behaviour.


There’s been widespread reports that even though people are washing and conditioning their hair as usual, the frequency has dropped. Australian hairdressers and stylists are classified as essential businesses and remain open, but there has been increased sales of at-home hair colourants and treatments at leading retailers such as Priceline.

Hair colourants also experienced  the strongest growth in the US in March, says Spate Data, with searches increasing by 65,000. Key words were: hair dye and hair bleach. Searches for root touch up also surged by 48,703.

Searches for hair masks have soared as people spend more time at home. As have queries about hair oils and dandruff treatments.


Face masks were already enjoying unprecedented popularity, but searches increased 82.9 per cent in March, says Spate. Key words were: turmeric mask, clay mask and anti-acne mask.

With an increasing number of people exercising more,  searches for moisturisers including SPFs  climbed significantly. Cleansers, hydration and silicone-free products also shifted to the forefront.

Foot care has become a major focus to while away the hours. Key words were: foot mask, foot grater, callus remover and callus softener.


Colour cosmetics that have a higher impact during video calls have also become more popular.

There’s nothing like a two-dimensional image to make complexions look washed-out. Searches for bronzer increased 22 per cent in March, says Spate. Key words were: face bronzer, face cream bronzer, face bronzer brush and face bronzer stick.

Eyebrow products were also major winners, as searches for eyelash products and eyeshadows declined. Key words were: eyebrow enhancer, eyebrow palette and eyebrow serum.

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