The myClarins Re-Move Radiance Scrubbing Powder is an exfoliating powder that removes impurities and leaves the complexion fresh and luminous.

Built with a unique composition of plants (organic moringa, cranberry powder, rice powder and almond powder), the fine and delicate texture is mixed with water or myClarins Re-Move Purifying Cleansing Gel to create a tailor-made exfoliant.

The product is just one in the myClarins skin care range that contains the Healthy Skin [ln & Out] Complex, a new plant-based ingredient blend with two complementary actions that work to promote radiant, healthy looking skin.

IN – Coconut Water: taken from (still green) coconuts, this natural water is a wonderful reserve of minerals and moisture that makes it possible for young plants to develop. Its rich mineral content, especially in potassium and magnesium, make this ingredient an amazing hydration concentrate that balances and remineralises to promote healthy skin.

OUT – Alpenrose extract: this plant isn’t afraid of anything. It climbs the highest summits (between an altitude of 1700 and 2400 meters) and can thrive in extreme conditions (wind, cold and UV exposure responsible for oxidative stress). And that doesn’t prevent the plant from fully flowering as soon as the weather turns warm. In fact, there is nothing else quite like it to protect the skin from oxidative stress while stimulating lysosome activity to deeply purify the skin.

Almost all of the products in the range are made from ingredients that contain 88 per cent  ingredients of natural origin.

Their vegan-friendly formulas free of phthalates, parabens or sulfates.

Packaging  puts recycling and recycled materials first with all myClarins boxes made of cardboard derived from sustainably-managed forests.

Packaging is also made of 25 per cent recycled glass and 25 per cent recycled plastic (except Pore-less and Clear-out).

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