Projected to hit US $14.5 billion by 2026, the Global Natural Hair Care Market is on an upward trajectory, growing at a 7.8% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) from 2020 until 2026, according to KBV Research.

This growth is largely driven by increasing consumer awareness of the benefits offered by natural hair care products. The shift towards natural products is further fuelled by the adverse effects of chemical-based shampoos and conditioners, such as deteriorating hair quality and scalp irritation, prompting consumers to opt for natural alternatives.

In an exclusive event in Sydney, Briogeo, a New York City-based natural hair care brand, showcased its unique approach to beauty and wellness.

Available exclusively at Mecca in Australia, the brand stands out for its fusion of natural ingredients and high-performance results.

Founder Nancy Twine, in a Q&A session with Mecca Head of Content Tara Lamont-Djite, shared her inspiration with media and influencers, recounting her journey from crafting homemade beauty products with her mother to creating a brand that caters to diverse hair needs.

Nancy, who initially pursued a career in finance, leveraged her passion for natural beauty to carve a niche in the clean hair care market.

 Her personal challenges in finding suitable products for her hair texture fuelled her drive to develop Briogeo.

Central to the brand’s philosophy is the NOVA Complex, a proprietary blend of Natural Oils, Vitamins, and Antioxidants, which Nancy highlighted as the cornerstone of their product range.

Addressing common myths about natural hair care, Nancy emphasised that natural ingredients are equally, if not more, effective than synthetic alternatives.

 The brand’s name, ‘Briogeo’, a blend of ‘Brio’ (Italian for ‘full of life’) and ‘Geo’ (Latin for ‘of Earth or nature’), reflects the vibrant, diverse essence of New York City and the brand’s dedication to using earth-derived ingredients.

Briogeo has also been at the forefront of promoting scalp health as an essential part of hair care.

Understanding that many hair concerns stem from scalp issues, the brand has developed products like the Scalp Revival, launched in 2017, to integrate scalp care into overall hair wellness.

Nancy advised viewing scalp care as an extension of the facial skincare routine, underlining its importance in achieving overall hair health.

Images from the event below. Credit Esteban La Tessa.

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