Celebrating the on-trend notion of the Consciousness of Intimacy, Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics celebrates 25 years in the business supporting its independent retailers through Partner Workshops.

In the first Part we began our report on the recent gathering of partners; here we share Part II, featuring business advice and tips for running your business successfully, by Emanuel Perdis – Managing Director and Tracy Schembri – National Manager – Partner Division.

Emanuel Perdis – Managing Director presented The Business of Beauty covering:

  • The importance of client care and the service you offer. Make each connection a great interpersonal experience.
  • Keep it personal. Customers are so tech savvy they’ve lost touch with the personal bond.
  • Sell in a prescriptive way. Tell the story behind the products and build a conversational style of selling.
  • Explore different ways to communicate with customers of different ages and make them part of the story of the brand.
  • Be adaptive not only to survive but to thrive. 
  • Note the ‘gamification’ trend. People are playing games more and more. When you’re educating your staff, games will become more instrumental in conveying the knowledge.
  • You can’t swim upstream. Find a way of going with the flow and figure out innovative ways to thrive.
  • Techniques Strategies and Tactics: be open to trial and error; let your ego go; be prepared to dump ideas that don’t work.

Tracy Schembri – National Manager – Partner Division has recently been promoted to the title having been one of the most successful BEEs for the company. Tracy’s presentation covered the following takeaways that the BEEs offer Partner businesses:

  • The importance of CRM management.
  • Napoleon Perdis’ point of difference – development and blended training.
  • Napoleon Perdis has 634 stockists across Australia. The most successful are those with the best ambassadors – those with the most passionate staff who live and breathe the brand. You will see the return.
  • Financial Tracking – monthly/yearly tracking.
  • Visual Merchandising & Stocktaking – never run out of your best sellers.
  • Complimentary Client Consultations – build a menu.
  • Blended Training – work with your counter staff to support their customer recruitment strategies and selling techniques.
  • The Events Planner has been created for Partners to use to run successful in-store events.
  • Build your database

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