Meet Natural Health Company founder, Sylvia Lechowicz, and learn more about how this brand could help you boost your business.

How did NHC start?

Five years ago, when in the supplement industry, my partner and I discovered a need for a natural alternative to weight management shakes and proteins, particularly for women who seem to suffer more with digestive issues and are more conscious of fillers, gluten, artificial sweeteners and flavours. We were very surprised that at the time there was not a single meal replacement shake on the market that was natural and contained ingredients to help boost metabolism and stimulate the weight loss process – that’s when the idea was born.

Together with a team of nutritionists and food scientists, we formulated a unique blend free from nasties and containing more weight loss ingredients, in higher doses, than any other shake or protein available in Australia. Year on year we introduced more unique and natural ranges, that we knew the Australian public would love, like our Skinny Bean Coffee, Skinny Superfood Detox range and our latest Organic Protein + Superfoods blend, Organic Fusion.

Tell us what makes NHC unique?

Natural Health Company products are unique because they combine a variety of ingredients with multiple benefits, making it a convenient and more cost­effective option for consumers, whilst not compromising on quality.

For example, Skinny Bean Natural Fat Burning Coffee is a blend of quality instant Brazilian coffee combined with fat burning ingredient and antioxidants in one convenient sachet – there is a flavour to suit every coffee drinker’s palate from Espresso (vegan friendly and can be served as a long black), Chino (for cappuccino, latte and flat white coffee drinkers) and Mocha (for the chocolate lovers).

What are the hero products in the range?

Skinny Bean Espresso and Skinny Greens Superfood Detox have been our best­selling products over the years. Skinny Bean Espresso has been a favourite due
to the fact that it is 100% vegan friendly. Not surprisingly as it’s estimated that approximately 46% of Australians drink coffee, 32% don’t consume dairy and there are about 430,000 vegans in Australia alone. Skinny Bean Espresso can be served as an Espresso or with a dash of any preferred milk source like nut, coconut or soy. At less then $1.25 per serve, this smooth coffee blend has the added benefit of fat burning ingredients and antioxidants – why shouldn’t your coffee be delicious and help you burn fat too!

What is the one product you couldn’t get through your day without?

Skinny Greens Superfood Detox is a favourite of mine. Prior to its launch, blending or juicing a morning green juice or smoothie was such a chore. With school drop off plus work, I found I was skipping my morning green juice more often than I was having it. Like many other women, eating on the go or not eating enough daily superfoods can lead to poor digestion and a lack of energy. Skinny Greens Superfood Detox combines alkalising and nutrient-rich green superfoods plus the added benefit of organic Maco Powder for general health and wellbeing, plus lnulin a prebiotic fibre great for gut health and 6 ingredients to help boost the metabolism.

If you’ve ever tried a greens superfood blend and were put off by taste, Skinny Greens has an added boost of apple powder and natural tropical flavour to make it pleasant in taste and easy
to drink.

How can the NHC range work for pharmacies?

With consumers becoming savvier when selecting products, reading food labels and being more conscious of the ingredients in products, it’s never been more important to recommend quality products to your customers. Many consumers visit their local pharmacy seeking advice. Natural Health Company products tick all the boxes; gluten free, free from artificial flavours, naturally sweetened and most importantly designed to help customers reach their wellness and weight loss goals faster.

How does NHC support their retail partners?

We support our retail partners with in-store demonstrations and samples (where possible), staff training material, marketing material such as strut cards and recipe cards, website store listings and most recently we announced our support program and affiliation with ambassadors, Lisa Guy (Naturopath, Nutritionist and Author) and Blake Worrall-Thompson (Personal Trainer, Performance and Lifestyle Coach).

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