Following many years of research and development, the pearly white new eye cream from Skin Physics®, EYEFIX-360®, has arrived, and it’s a game changer in the world of anti-ageing eye creams. Most eye creams either promise instant effects or long terms results; with little being able to produce both…until now. 

EYEFIX is formulated for a 360 degree eye treatment that works instantly to plump, smooth, hydrate, even skin tone, soothe and brighten for healthy and younger looking eyes. This advanced formula also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, dark circles, under-eye puffiness and lifts sagging skin.

It’s a complete 360° solution – and the results “stick” long term.

Almost instantly the amazing double blur skin perfecting technology, derived from White Sapphires, makes your eyes look picture perfect by scattering light and creating an optical illusion. It’s virtually impossible for anyone to notice wrinkle depth, blurring fine lines, even dark circles seem to fade.

Within 7 days, you’ll notice a reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes. Within 14 days, dark circles will be visibly reduced. And the results continue, the remarkable mix of botanically sourced ingredients will noticeably reduce puffy eye bags, lift the sagging skin of your upper eyelids, and further smooth out crow’s feet.

The sophisticated formula of over 16 active ingredients including; peptides, rare minerals, super antioxidants, and the latest elastomer technology is what makes this product truly unique.

With the transformative power of White Sapphires it immediately brightens, smooths and hydrates. You’ll instantly notice the improvement in skin texture and radiance while it works to scatter light to blur wrinkles and fine lines.

Skin Physics® EYEFIX-360®

  • EYEFIX-360® uses the latest in elastomer technology containing Shea Butter for a non-tacky, non-greasy feel. Immediately it fills in wrinkles and gives your skin a dewy cushioned feel; creating the appearance of well rested eyes.
  • Eye-Lift without surgery! See visible results with Award Winning Persian Silk Tree Extract; The first cosmetic ingredient to demonstrate a visible lifting action on sagging upper eyelids! The ‘beautify-eyeing’ active works by significantly increasing the production of collagen and elastin to strengthen the skin’s dermis.
  • Within 7 Days crow’s feet and wrinkles will noticeably diminish, dark circles will lighten, and puffy bags reduce; all thanks to the advanced Bio-active and Peptide technology.
  • EYEFIX-360® tackles under-eye bags with the power of Eyeliss™. This powerful ingredient works overall to reduce blood vessel leakage and stimulate lymphatic drainage, clinically proven to prevent and fight under-eye bags, with a visible decongestant effect and smoothing of the eye contour.

Customer Results after 1 week

“Big difference in the under eye puffiness and discoloration, the skin is a more even tone and the purple on the inside corners of my eyes is drastically reduced. With EYEFIX I can see a dramatic result in just a week. Didn’t expect the results to be so quick and noticeable”  – JENNY A. – ROZELLE SYDNEY

Skin Physics® – what’s in it for you AND your customers

Launched in 2007, SKIN PHYSICS® shook up the anti-ageing sector with
its world-leading plant stem cell skincare and an extensive clinical study in Phototherapy and Retinol. Continuously first to market with breakthrough actives and technology, the brand’s SUPERLIFT® Neck Lifting & Firming Cream is the #1 best-selling neck cream in Priceline and the innovative Dragon’s Blood range is the #1 best-selling face treatment cream with over 500,000 units sold to date. A leading pharmacy brand with category leading lines and a notable list of industry awards for its cosmeceutical skincare.

This year Skin Physics® released a range of targeted treatments that are not only highly effective but are designed to meet your customer’s needs including a new Nutraceuticals line, products that focus on beauty from the inside, out. Perfect for your trusted pharmacy environment!

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