Daniela Costa, Nair ambassador and founder of Daniela Costa Brows and Beauty.

The latest Nair innovations for 2020, as well as products across the wider Nair range, were showcased to media in a series of meetings via Zoom.

In the session was Daniela Costa, Nair ambassador and founder of Daniela Costa Brows and Beauty, Chloe Madikian, Nair brand manager, and Soraya Calavassy, co-founder and director of PR company Neon Black

Daniela explained the importance of using the correct hair removal product on the suitable section of the body – whether it be face, brows, bikini line or legs – and spoke about the benefits of wax strips, sugar wax and hair removal masks.


Meanwhile, Chloe spoke about the brand’s latest launch – the Nair Charcoal Leg Mask.

She said the leg mask was a three-in-one hair removal and beauty treatment designed to soothe the skin and transform the chore of hair removal into an indulging, at-home spa treatment.

Chloe explained the leg mask was designed to draws out and remove hair, dirt, oil and impurities, leaving the user with bright, luxuriously smooth and silky skin.

The mask, she said, was a great way to prep the legs before applying fake tan.

Before the virtual meeting, media were sent a Nair press pack complete with a personalised washcloth, chocolates and a variety of hair removal products and a lunch box courtesy of The Grounds.

The personalised Nair pack sent to media.

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