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RescuMe Academy’s Nigel Stanislaus tutorials are all about upskilling in makeup and skincare.

For you on the shop floor it’s gold dust to get this expert info, professional coaching direct into your hands, courtesy of the company.

In this 4th part of the esprit series with RescuMe Academy, Nigel shares his top 10 beauty tips.

Oily Face

The scenario: handling the emergency selfie with girlfriends and the sweat is on!

First stop – use a face blot, like Clarins Blotting Paper. Don’t have one? Take a tissue and blot the face to take out all the extra shine. The great thing about blotting the face is that when you press the tissue onto the face, it lifts off the oil that keeps the pigment on the surface of the skin. Also, this prevents it from looking cakey.

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Messy Brows

If you haven’t already noticed, I am obsessed with brows. And brushing the brows is a must for me because it lifts the face and gives a more youthful look. No brow gel ready at hand? Don’t worry. I’m sure someone close by has hairspray. All you have to do is take the hairspray, spray it on your spoolie brush or onto a toothbrush, make sure it’s clean and just brush the brows up.

You know that different mascaras come with different brushes. Have one which is big and fluffy, and then have a regular one, a tiny little pointed one, and maybe a little curly one. While we’re on wands – my tip is when you finish any mascara, keep the wand so that you build up a wardrobe of spoolies for different lash looks.

If You Don’t Have Eyeliner Cat eye drama!

Picture being on vacation and a cat eye is calling …mascara…tick… eyeliner…No tick! 

Well, guess what my solution is? Got a brush like Make Up Forever 260 Bent Eyeliner Brush or even a slanted brush that you can use for your eyebrows? Dip your eyeliner brush into some mascara and line away.

You need your makeup kit to be smart for you and your clients, so maybe sit back and have a think about which products can multitask so that you can bring fewer products and have maximum glamour.

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Curling Lashes

Does your eyelash curler let you down? Mine has, especially during those colder months. My trick…use a hairdryer and blast it for about two seconds. Now remember, this is a little bit dangerous, but it always works. Test it on the back of your hand to make sure it’s not too hot so you don’t create crispy lashes…just nice curly ones!

Sharpen For Success

Now I’m going to teach you this hack on how to sharpen with success. If you ever find that the sharpener and your pencils are not friends because they melt or break or they just won’t come off on the back of your hand. This is what you do in a situation where your lead breaks every time you sharpen it.

Pop them in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Then take them out again and sharpen, you’ll find that you’ll get a beautiful point.

Winter Hack

During the colder months, if you’re trying to line the lips or eyes and nothing, no colour pay off. What do you do? Take your trusted hairdryer; give the pencil a blast and you’ll find the colour will glide away.

Hiding Pimples

The Uber is on order, five minutes until the date of your life and a last look in the mirror and there’s a massive pimple about to erupt.

What to do? Covering up with too much foundation will make it look like a lamington. So, this is my pimple-problem solver. It’s always great to have anti-redness eye drops in the fridge or a cup of ice. Use a cotton tip, drench it like you wouldn’t believe it. Place it on the problem area and watch it disappear.

Goodbye Puffy Eyes

Travelling across the Atlantic, brings out bags …under the eyes.

What are you going to do? Take a soaked and clean chamomile tea bag, place it over the eyes and no one needs to know what happened last night.

Extra Eye Shadow Fallout

Creating the ultimate smoky eye…ever elusive, but you CAN do it, and then you look a few millimetres down and half of the product is actually on the cheek. This is not on. Shield your client’s eyes. No need to explain – get a panty liner, open it up and get the scissors out. Cut it like a little oval, peel the sticker and place it under the eyes. This will literally grab all the eye shadow fall out.

Summer Heat

Yay…caught in a desert island with a really hot guy and it went from typhoon to tropical in two seconds. What’s your helpful, handy tip to maintaining a cool face for your clients?

Pass this one on. Using foundation, give it a good shake and put 50% foundation on the back of the hand and 50% moisturiser. Mix it together to sheer it out and this will give it a beautiful, natural finish.

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