Original & Mineral, one of Australia’s leading brands of natural, safe and effective hair care products, hosted an intimate end of year Glam Suite.

Founder and CEO of O&M Jose Bryce Smith, who said the company had “always tried to bridge that gap between natural and luxury and clean and glamorous” emphasised the day was a way of “celebrating women”.

“I always love celebrating women,” she said.

“We love men, we can’t live without them, but frankly, women are coming forward more and more and it’s just so nice to see,” she said.

Guests get ready in the glam suite.

Jose said around 85 percent of people in hairdressing were women and 44 per cent of entrepreneurs opening businesses were women.

“Women need to support each other,” she said.

“There are so many statistics about what it would to do the world economy if women actually reached their potential.”

Founder and CEO of O&M Jose Bryce Smith.

Jose partnered with people and businesses aligned with O&M’s values for the event including Elise Vaughan Creative Direction & Design, Grant King from Smile Catering, photographer Liz Ham, Toga Group for the event space and Tanya Perrilli from Fashion Alta Moda.

“I love what Tanya is doing with Alta Moda as it so resonated with me with sustainability,” Jose said.

 “I have to do so many event and to be able to hire clothes form her and to feel glamorous without worrying about them  sitting in my wardrobe  is great.”

esprit publisher Nicci Herrera all glammed up.

For the event, guests were indulged in a hair and makeup session over champagne and cocktails, before choosing a designer dress from Fashion Alta Moda.

Photographer Liz Ham then snapped the guests their luxury gowns in front of a wind machine.

Each guest was given their profile shot to take home along with a selection fo O&M products.

A selection of O&M products.

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