Words by Sarah Mullen, COO Adore Beauty

With her finger, and eye, firmly on the online beauty-shopping activity of Australians around the country, Sarah Mullen, COO of Adore Beauty is literally on to trends as they are emerging. Here’s her snapshot of Spring Trends


Skincare has always been the Adore Beauty heartland. We do it really well. We have an unsurpassed selection of cosmeceutical, salon and niche skincare brands and a highly trained customer service team to answer all questions asked of them or provide customers with a bespoke routine. Nothing is hotter right now than the enduring desire for flawless, glowing, hydrated skin – peaking as we turn into spring.

The key to well maintained and healthy skin is the basic, and always important, SPF. Don’t underestimate it, always use it and recommend it, none of us should leave home without it.

In addition to SPF our customers are venturing into ‘hardcore’ territory more than ever before, bulking up their basic routines with all the letter serums. A, B, C and D. Oh yep, you need them all! Morning and night.

Scent Room

Typically, a challenging product to sell online, fragrance has been especially hard to introduce to our customers in the past. How can customers experience each scent, especially if it’s a fragrance that’s new to the AU market? How do you know if you’ll like it? What are the top notes? Well, times are changing. We’ve combined a niche curated selection of high-end fragrances, a foolproof returns offer, and detailed content, and seen great success. I have one name for you – Juliette Has A Gun, distributed in Australia by Agence de Parfum. We’ve never seen a product run off our ecommerce shelves like it. The sampler set literally has its own legs. Best thing since KFC chips. Juliette Has A Gun allows discovery before investing in a full sized 100ml bottle. Doesn’t everyone love that?


Never before have we seen inner beauty to be so trendy, and we love it. Skincare powders are enhanced with nutrients and promise to promote better skin from within. Haircare capsules are packed with vitamins to promote hair growth and support a reduction in hair loss.

But it doesn’t stop there. From Kora to WelleCo to JS Health, brands are finding injestible solutions to enhancing energy and reducing inflammation. Consumers are demanding these injestibles are vegan, vegetarian, and/or sustainably sourced. We’ve expanded the Adore Beauty wellness injestible category and there’s still more to come. We see wellness injestibles as less of a beauty ‘shift’, and more of a complementary best friend you can’t live without.


Sarah Mullen, COO Adore Beauty

With a strong fashion and cosmetics background, and passionate about product and brand, Sarah Mullen joined Adore Beauty in 2013. Sarah is now the Chief Operating Officer overseeing Brands, Customer Service and Operational departments.

This article appears in the October issue of esprit Magazine Australia. CLICK HERE to subscribe.

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