A consumer game changer, whether it be a household gadget, a piece of nifty sports equipment or a beauty product that authentically solves a common concern, is usually created by someone who has reached that place in their life when nothing seems to work for a specific need and they say “enough is enough…I’ll make it myself”. Enter the passionate founder.

Hitting 40 and her hair starting to fall out were not a good fit for the vibrant and action-oriented Maria Halasz. She was upset, emotional and it didn’t take long for her to use her professional experience as a microbiology graduate with 20 years in biotech to get stuck in to the science of formulating a hair growth product.  After all she is a woman first and scientist second!

She created évolis – (read the full story in esprit July 2019) – and it works. I am personal proof of that…with a whole layer of hair gradually making its way down to my shoulders … as many others are – see testimonials on the évolis website.

Now we have the évolis Dry Shampoo. Its official name reveals its performance promise: Style & Treat Dry Shampoo.

As a dry shampoo user, Maria was scouring the beauty shelves and did have a favourite but still nah…not really good enough. She got her white coat on and many iterations over the past two years and ta-daa we have a évolis Dry Shampoo providing all the cleaning properties of a normal dry shampoo, says Maria, “and two other things”, she tells me. “I didn’t want to just develop a dry shampoo, I wanted to create a product that truly volumises the hair, plumps up the style and adds texture as well as treating the hair with the FGF5 inhibitor.” Blocking FGF5 is the driver of hair growth and longer hair cycles that sets évolis apart. Additionally, it imparts a fresh, natural, clean aroma to the hair.

In development testing, the panel commonly said: “This is very, very different”. Some dry shampoos deliver a boost, a lift, and freshen it up but leave a powdery white covering. You can brush it out, but you lose the oomph. And then there’s non-powdery versions but they don’t have lasting boost”.  

After using it all over the Christmas and New Year break where I was swimming, running and getting dolled-up for parties, it became my go-to for skipping the full shampoo & blowdry, as well as using it for boosting a freshly washed hair-do. You know how different regions have different water and your hair can respond quite differently to your ‘at home’ water? Over Christmas my hair was getting unruly in the Byron Bay humidity, so the Dry Shampoo made it more manageable and style-able. Moving south for NYE, the Killcare (Central NSW Coast) water seemed to soothe it and leave it softer so I used the Dry Shampoo to oomph it after styling. Perfecto!

Benefits in a nutshell:

  • Absorbs excess oil
  • Treats the scalp and follicles with FGF5-fighting botanicals
  • Rich in anti-oxidants and hair protecting natural extracts
  • Adds volume and fullness
  • Assists in hair style and texturising

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