Sometimes you find what you are looking for when you’re actually not looking. It was the instincts of a Sydney-based husband and wife and their decision to invest in a unique natural Rosehip product that led them to become known as Australia’s leading Rosehip Specialists. With the expansion of product offerings from internal health to beauty, growing brands in Australia and abroad is now the company’s focus, with the belief that great products can only succeed with great people.  


As Colin and Maureen Diamond stood on a cold winter’s night serving coffees to the homeless nine years ago, they never imagined that moment would lead them to where they are today. Talk amongst the volunteers flowed to conversation about a new and exciting health product that was struggling to break into the Australian market. The Diamonds, entrepreneurs at heart, recognised a great opportunity.

The product was Rose-Hip Vital®, a powerful and clinically proven anti-inflammatory made from Rosehip berries. Rose-Hip Vital® has an abundance of health benefits and offers great relief to arthritis sufferers. There is no other product available in Australia quite like it. The business soon flourished, with Colin and Maureen’s eldest son Russell joining the family business in 2010.


After an influx of testimonials reporting life-changing results, The Diamonds soon realised the potential for Rose-Hip Vital® in the animal market. When their youngest son Justin joined the team in 2012, the birth of canine and equine products soon followed. Now managing three Rose-Hip Vital® brands, they had firmly cemented themselves as The Rosehip Specialists. A leap into Rosehip based skincare was a natural progression.

“Customers were enquiring about Rosehip Oil for the skin. This was more than five years ago when there wasn’t an abundance of Rosehip Oils available,” explains Russell Diamond. “Noticing an opportunity in the market, we wanted to offer Australians a Rosehip Oil that was bigger, cheaper and better,” says Russell.

Travelling across the world to source the best rosehips on offer, Russell and Colin found themselves in the Southern Andes mountain ranges of Chile where rosehips were being wild harvested. They had found what they were looking for.


September 2012 marked the launch of RosehipPLUS and its flagship Rosehip Oil available in 50ml and 30ml sizes. “Our bottle sizes are larger than competitors, considerably more affordable and of the highest possible quality,” Russell explains. “We are proud to produce a cold-pressed Rosehip Oil that is 100% pure and natural in the true sense, as it is not altered in any shape or form. Nothing is added and nothing is removed, what comes from the Rosehip seed goes straight into the bottle.”

As the popularity of RosehipPLUS® Rosehip Oil increased, so did demand for the range to expand. Next, a 15ml Skin-Boost Rosehip Oil Roll-On was launched – a first of its kind on the Australian beauty market. This was soon followed by the Hydrating Day Cream and Nourishing Night Cream, and the fan-favourite Organic Daily Cream Cleanser – offering Australian women a complete daily routine that is Australian Certified Organic and Cruelty-Free approved.

“We wanted the RosehipPLUS® range to remain focused on the multitude of benefits that rosehip oil can give to the skin, which is why we’ve consistently kept rosehip oil as the hero ingredient in all of our products,” says Russell. “Our brand promise today is still rooted in our original purpose, offering Australians affordable certified organic skincare without compromising on quality and results. Skincare that can be used by everybody, every day.”


RosehipPLUS® is continuing to expand its reach not only in Australia, but also across the globe. As regular exhibitors at Cosmoprof, an annual beauty trade show in Italy, RosehipPLUS® has been able to gain traction in the US, Asia, Europe and the UK, with no signs of slowing down.

At Cosmoprof in 2015, the Diamonds discovered Natura Siberica, a range of Organic and Natural bath, body, face and hair products. Natura Siberica already had an unprecedented following across Europe and Russell saw an opportunity to launch it into the Australian market. “Natura Siberica is the first natural and organic beauty brand based on wild harvested herbs and unique natural ingredients sourced from Siberia, turning traditional beauty secrets into a unique natural skin and haircare range,’ says Russell. “The products are a clear standout and bring a whole new level to the Australian natural and organic beauty industry.”


Expanding their natural and organic offering, The Rosehip Specialists became the sole distributors of Natura Siberica in Australia. While the brand is still quite young, it is already catching the attention of beauty lovers across the nation with products containing on-trend and innovative ingredients such as adaptogens, charcoal and caviar extract. “Our Natura Siberica products have already received four Australian beauty awards in two years. We recently expanded the range from 26 core products to over 250 products, ranging from luxe caviar based skincare, a men’s range, a range for babies, as well as specialised beauty treatments for spas. We are excited to see the brand flourish and expand its fan base as the demand for natural and certified organic products will only continue to increase,” says Russell. “Today’s consumers are becoming more conscious of what goes on to their skin and hair. They are looking for products that not only tick all of these boxes, but go that one step further by also delivering results.” 


It comes as no surprise that The Diamonds and their team have another new organic and natural beauty brand on the rise: Organic Shop. “Organic Shop is a fun range of products for face, hair, bath and body, jam-packed with natural ingredients that are quickly becoming must-haves”, says Russell.

This is not just exciting for The Diamonds but also for consumers. People of all ages are attracted to this range and not just conscious consumers. “There is real excitement around the brand once people learn about it,” explains Russell. “People start using it without even realising that it is better for their skin and hair than other products they have used before.” Organic Shop is allowing The Diamonds to expand their customer base while remaining focused on the company’s mission to offer healthier skincare options for all Australians.


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