From left Jimmy Niggles, Neutrogena ambassador Erin Holland, Lisa Patulny and R & D manager Mary Sikallos.

According to consumer research, 78% of Australians surveyed* don’t wear a primary sunscreen every day, with 51% of Australians* admitting this was due to the aesthetic impacts.

These harsh statistics were revealed by Neutrogena at an event held for media and influencers aboard super yacht Ghost II.

Mary Sikallos, research and development manager at Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Limited, said it was important consumers were taught to wear sunscreen every day to protect against skin cancer and skin ageing.

“Our biggest issue in Australia is compliance,” she said.

“People must wear sunscreen every single day.

“If the aesthetics are right then consumers are more likely to use it daily.”

Mary said Neutrogena was “passionate” about creating “weightless and beautiful sunscreen products” for consumers.

She said regardless of a customer’s skin tone, they must always wear a sunscreen, even if they worked in an office.

“There is a misconception if you’re not in the sun you don’t need to be wearing sunscreen, but most definitely you have to, even  if you’re sitting in an office near the windows,” she said.

“UVA rays do penetrate through glass.”

The Ghost II.

Also on board was singer, model, dancer, charity worker and Neutrogena ambassador Erin Holland, beauty editor and founder of Call Time on Melanoma, an initiative towards proper sun care and dispelling the myths surrounding melanoma, Lisa Patulny and the CEO and founder of BeardSeason, a movement aimed at raising awareness and encouraging action on getting your skin checked,  Jimmy Niggles.

All of them spoke about the importance of a daily sunscreen routine to protect against melanoma.

“I’ve been working with Neutrogena for three years now and, being from Cairns, sun safety has been drilled into me from a young age,” Erin said.

“I’ve got scars all over my body from having suspicious moles cut off.

“Like so many other  illnesses out there, awareness really is key especially when it comes to melanoma which is preventable – if we wear sunscreen we can prevent sun cancer and melanoma.”

Erin also spoke about the collaboration between Neutrogena and with Sunglass Hut and their summer sun care campaign, “the most un-sunscreeny sunscreen ever”.

“Neutrogena and Sunglass Hut have teamed up to promote sun protection and encourage Australians to love sunscreen while looking their very best -providing a complimentary mini Ultra Sheer Face & Body Dry Touch Sunscreen with all Sunglass Hut purchases across the country at selected stores,” she said.

The Neutrogena Ultra Sheer range showcased on the yacht.

Neutrogena marketing manager, Areej Nassar said the company was “thrilled” to announce the partnership “to get all Australians to look great while wearing sunscreen and protect their skin”.

“Environmental factors can damage the skin in multiple ways,” he said.

“Daily sunscreen use will help defend against many of the signs of ageing caused by the sun including texture, tone and fine lines.”

*About the research: Commissioned by Pure Profile research on behalf of Neutrogena. Research was conducted online in November 2017, using a sample of 1,000 Australians aged 18+.

See below a video by Neutrogena promoting their new campaign, ‘the most un-sunscreeny sunscreen ever’.

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