Andrea's brows after the treatment

Brows are hot real estate.

We want them to be full, feathery and as fluffy as a Pomeranian after a trip to the puppy parlour.

It hasn’t always been this way. Years of over-plucking and general ageing can create sparse brows that refuse to grow regardless of how much you bribe them with serums, oils and rare jewels.

If only there was a solution for this predicament? Enter Amy Jean – eyebrow queen extraordinaire.

Establishing Amy Jean Brow Agency in 2004, Amy Jean has gone on to train an army of brow artisans. Now, she has locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane with rave reviews from celebrities and consumers alike. She travels around the world to beautify the brows of her international clientele, on their home turf.

Andrea recently went along for a Brow Misting, executed by none other than Amy Jean herself.

Keep reading to find answers to every burning question you have about the luxe experience.

Can you talk us through the experience?

The power of a good brow was brought to my attention about five years ago when my daughter, Olivia – a tough but loving critic – sent me a Facebook post showing a host of celebrities before and after having their brows ‘done’.  

OMG…I shot to the makeup cupboard and slapped on a pair of powder arches, then marveled at the difference. Since then I have observed the evolution of brow services and have increasingly been turning my attention to brow tattooing techniques. And boy, have I seen some horrors.

Then at a lovely Dermalogica facial event I bumped into the rather gorgeous Sophie Howe when she was on Beauty Heaven. She emerged from the facial completely barefaced and looking fabulous while I stepped off the beauty bed with a totally blank face. Sophie’s brows saved the no-makeup day while my sparse eye-framers failed dismally.

“Wow to your brow” I said to Sophie and she told me all about her experience at the Amy Jean brow tattooing salon. I was sold. And talking money, yes I did save up my $s and decided to pay my way not beg a media freebie. I called up and made an appointment for early November. Amy Jean met me personally and we had a good chat through what I was hoping for, what effect I was expecting and some lifestyle scene-setters.

Amy Jean recommended a new technique called Misting. It’s less bold than Feathering and more suited to my desired outcome of “completely natural only better”. With a glass of Moet & Chandon champagne already ‘on the sip’ I hopped on the bed and the numbing process started. That takes a couple of applications of gel over a half hour period. And then we were ready to go. Amy had the colour mixed up and in she went with the tattooing pen. Gently, so gently I barely felt a thing, she worked the pen, all the while chatting and keeping me relaxed and ‘in the picture’.

Did it hurt?

No. There was a feeling of a mild, almost pinching sensation. This was about half an hour into the process. Another application of numbing gel and off we went again. Never at any point was the feeling painful, as such. I could feel it, but it was more of a pinch than an uncomfortable pain.

Are you happy with the results so far?

I am over the moon with the effect so far. On Dec 19th I go for a check-up which also includes a top-up and/or fill-in, whatever Ms Brow Expert recommends. I am totally, confidently and happily, in her hands.

The first couple of days the skin under my brows was slightly raised and red. I went about my normal business and no-one commented – other than friends and colleagues who knew I’d had the service and wanted to see. One hundred percent of them said my brows are fantastic. Lots of contacts saw my Instagram posts on the process and commented favourably and several are now saving up and booking appointments. Every day I admire my brows and am beyond delighted with how they look.

What has been the best part of having your brows tattooed?

They are just beautiful brows. I am not a fan of fake aesthetics and needles but have always loved the transformative power of makeup. This pair of beauties look really natural and balance with the rest of my features. That was a key concern for AJ – she says no one facial feature should speak louder than any other.

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