Pink Hope’s annual Pinky Promise campaign has become a powerful symbol of friendship and commitment to looking after your own and your best friend’s health. Now in its fourth year, Pinky Promise 2018 is all about celebrating beautiful, authentic friendships with real-life Australian best friends fronting the campaign.

The Pinky Promise campaign aims to educate and support women, whilst raising awareness about the tools that are available to help assess personal breast and ovarian cancer risks. By making a pinky promise through Pink Hope’s Pinky Promise website, women are placed on Pink Hope’s database to ensure they’re kept up to date with the latest health news and initiatives. Across the country, women are holding each other accountable to their promises – whether it’s booking in for regular health checks, exercising, meditating, eating well, every little change moves towards improved health.
The campaign was launched with a party hosted high profile girls. Hosted by Elle Ferguson and Nadia Bartel, in attendance Sally Obermeder Pip Edwards, Liv Phyland, Tegan Nash, Lana Jeavons Fellows and Julie Stevanja. | |

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