Professor Charles Brenner, head of biochemistry at the University of Iowa.

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) has been called the factor that is central to metabolism as it is the ‘mission-critical’ molecule present in every cell of the body.

NAD is plentiful while we are young, but once we get past our mid-twenties, NAD levels start to decline.

Until recently, this decline in NAD has been thought to be an irreversible consequence of ageing – but now, it’s available orally.

In fact, Australia is one of the first countries in the world to receive the revolutionary NAD Booster, Tru Niagen.

esprit caught up with Professor Charles Brenner, head of biochemistry at the University of Iowa and one of the world’s leading experts on cellular energy and NAD+ metabolism, to find out more.

Tell us about your career as a professor?

“I’ve run my own lab since 1996 and have always been interested in nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA and RNA. The same class of molecules includes NAD.   I started at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, moved to Dartmouth College in 2003, and then was recruited to be the head of biochemistry at University of Iowa in 2009. My major breakthrough took place in 2004 when I discovered that organisms from yeast to human beings use nicotinamide riboside (NR) to make NAD, the central catalyst of metabolism. I investigate how NAD metabolism maintains health in normal processes like postpartum and lactation and is disturbed in human diseases. I collaborate with people globally on NAD metabolism and am excited that our basic discoveries are having an impact on human health and wellness.”

Explain what is NAD and its function?  

“To put it simply, there are four forms of NAD and they are the key catalysts that move electrons in all of our cells and in the cells of all living things. They mediate not only our ability to convert food into energy but our ability to convert everything we eat into everything we are and everything we do.   Name a molecule that’s important to you in the body (for example, testosterone, estrogen, serotonin, oxytocin) or a tissue on which you depend (your skin, digestive system, liver, brain, heart, etc.), and I can tell you how all of our vital functions depend on NAD co-enzymes. NAD co-enzymes literally keep the vital processes running in all of our cells.”

Tell us about Tru Niagen?

Tru Niagen® (AUST L 328365) is the trade name for nicotinamide riboside (NR), a building block that allows our bodies to maintain and increase our NAD. It  is the only patent-protected NR available, anywhere.”

How does taking it fit into a daily beauty routine? 

“By taking Tru Niagen daily, you can boost your NAD levels and support your cellular health and wellbeing. This is especially important to do when our bodies are under the invetiable stresses of life that demand cellular repair.”

Is it aimed at men or women or both? Why?  

“Tru Niagen is aimed at men and women looking to support their cellular health and resiliency.”

  Who should take Tru Niagen? Why?

“Because ageing and cellular stresses that disturb the NAD system are inevitable, everyone who simply wants to optimise their nutrition and maintain their cellular health as they age should consider taking the supplement.”

Are there clinical studies to back up Tru Niagen?  

“Yes, all of the early phase clinical studies were designed to test oral availability. Collectively, these studies show that men and women can elevate their NAD levels when they take a supplement orally, without causing adverse events.  You can read about some of the studies below:

Does Tru Niagen replace products/steps in a beauty routine, or is to be another step added?

“It is another step, but a simple one. By taking Tru Niagen daily you are supporting health from the inside out.”

How can consumers avoid confusion from conflicting wellness claims?  

“NAD has emerged because there is so much powerful research now. Unfortunately, there are research groups and companies that are making false claims and the point of these unethical communications is to confuse consumers.   Tru Niagen® (AUST L 328365) is a science-based supplement that we know to be effective at increasing NAD levels – plenty of research has established that NAD is central to cellular metabolism and for our health. For consumers’ own safety, we ask them not to take supplements without a human safety dossier.”

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