Having worked within the Australian beauty industry for over 15 years, I can honestly say, there’s nothing really, I haven’t done in this fast-paced and ever-changing world of beauty that I surround myself in. But, did I think it was ever going to be a career? The answer is, no!

Go back 15 years, I was and had always been, a dancer and living in Perth meant there wasn’t a lot of big opportunities in that world. Needing a part time job that allowed me to still train and perform meant searching for something I enjoyed, but could make money from – Makeup Artistry!

I literally thought, this is perfect! I love makeup and beauty. I love transforming faces and showing women new looks and by working with large cosmetic brands I get paid and occasionally through training, acquire new products for my kit. But, it was always the ‘2nd’ job!

I am sure many of you working in this industry do it for fun, or while studying, or just simply as a casual role that you love. But so many of you could make a big career out of beauty and it all comes down to passion, performance and accepting new challenges.


With any successful career, you need to love what you do to optimise your own growth in that industry. If you love beauty, you already ticked the right box. Find a brand you love and respect their values, then you have the right fit. Consumers are more savvy than ever, so the more excited you are to show them a new product or makeup technique, the more confident they become that it’s the right one for them. They will fall in love with your suggestions, just like how you first fell in love with that product or brand.


We all want to climb the ladder to grow, get promoted, earn more money and just in general succeed in life. You will do if you live your brand, prove you are engaged with your role and put out your best work at all times.

Selling cosmetics on the retail floor can be tough at times. I’ve been there. But because I loved the products I worked with and makeup artistry, I decided to make my days full of fun. I did mini makeup sessions with clients, using tools on counter to gain more sales, gaining customers’ trust and before I knew it, I was getting asked to represent the country for a large cosmetic brand in Sydney. Show initiative and you’ll be rewarded!


I once told the General Manager of a brand I was the State Makeup Artist for, that we needed better makeup technique training, not just product training and also to try and get all beauty advisors speaking the same beauty language for uniformity from counter to counter, state to state. He said, ok then, you design a makeup training you feel will achieve this and I will come back and watch you train your peers. I was in shock, nervous, anxious, but very excited for the opportunity and felt a change coming…

Was it a success? A year later I became the National Trainer for Makeup and a year after that, Training Manager for a new brand that entered Australia. I accept change. I accept development. I want to grow every day, because I know that anything can happen and change in our lives in an instant…

So, start the new year with a new mindset. Try new things. Speak up if you want change, but have an end result to back your claims. Bring your A Game to the shopfloor, with passion and performance, and you will be very successful in this amazing industry of ours.




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