Restores the epidermis, relieves discomfort, and reduces itch. Cicabio Créme purifies the skin, and its moisturising texture creates a ‘dressing effect’ breathable film for excellent skin protection while minimising excess moisture to ensure comfort. The Antalgicine™ active ingredient acts on the nerve fibres within the epidermis to rapidly soothe the sensation of pain and discomfort as well as reduce the urge to scratch. Copper and Zinc Sulphate cleanse and purify the epidermis to reduce the risk of infection.

Hydrating high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid creates a breathable film on the skin to keep the wound in an optimal moist environment to promote faster healing. Resveratrol and Centella Asiatica act on each stage of the healing process for optimal repair. The DAF™ patented complex made up of biomimetic sugars soothes, hydrates, protects and increases the skin’s tolerance threshold. Cicabio Créme is formulated for minor damage such as superficial cuts and burns, superficial peeling, insect bites and irritation. Cicabio does not contain SPF protection. To prevent pigmented scarring, always protect wounds from UV exposure.


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